Catching up

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catching up

...or, Plugola.

Two of our locals seem to have been studying Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing series of books, with efforts directed at OtBB.

I don't mind because no one's forcing me to do anything, and any quid pro quo is disclosed.

We... as in me 'n' the missus... like Dean's Country Market 'cause what we buy there is always fresh... a-hem... and in some instances simply not available elsewhere.

(Jeanne used to resist going there be­cause of her perception that it was "a bit pricey." The quality of the ground beef, shell steaks and "French-style" Italian sausage eventually disabused her of that notion.)

A week or so back, while picking up some ground beef, Bryan Dean shoved a foil-lined bag over the counter to me.

"Try this... and if you like it, I want to see it in the blog!"

And if we didn't like it?

"Jay-SUS! Then don't write about it!"

The contents were baby back pork ribs, and there was nothing "spare" about them... we had two each that afternoon, and I finished off the sampler pack for lunch the following day.

Yeah, they were very tasty... I haven't been much of a ribs-eater since Sherman's closed... but the most impressive part was how meaty they were!

"Where'd you learn to make ribs like that?" Bryan was asked.

"I didn't. Those are Johnny Romanowski's specialty. Pretty good, huh?"

Uh, no... great!

Check'em out sometime... John's the larger of the two fellows there, and he's definitely got the ribs thing going for him!

QPD: already disclosed.

A little West of here

We get E-mails, and OtBB particularly enjoyed the candor and impudence of this one:

This is a shameless request from a proud Mom who wants some PR for her son!!!

My son Robby's production company, Royal Productions, Inc. is presenting the courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men by Sherman Sergel at the Theater 119 at Suffolk Community College on Nicolls Road in Selden. The performances are at 8:00 pm Thursday, August 20, Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, and at 2:00 pm on Sunday, August 23. Tickets are $8 general admission, and $6 for children, students and seniors. Robby and his fellow Suffolk classmates have put this together on their own, and have handled every aspect of the performance from casting and directing to set and light design to printing the programs! Thursday night's performance was sold out, but last night, fewer were in attendance. I would love for these kids to be able to play to bigger houses.

I would be more than happy to comp you and Jeanne tickets for a performance in exchange for a small 'local boy makes good' blurb in the blog. (I told you this was shameless). The show has been advertised on WLNG, but Rob didn't get the info to Newsday in time for publication. I am hoping to get some stuff put in The Press also, in the hopes that next weekend's turnout will be better. These guys have worked so hard for the last six weeks and they just want to perform for the public!

Thanks for hearing me out!!! I would very much appreciate anything you think you could do to help with this. Keep up the good work on the blog... it's the only way any of us know what's really happening in the Village!!!

– Betsy Hulse Doyle

[sigh] When have I denied a Hulse anything?

Just as a point of clarification, though... my understanding is that Reginald Rose wrote the story and original screenplay, and that Sergel did a distaff adaptation, Twelve Angry Women.

So are Rob and the rest of the cast performing this in drag? Quickly woman, this could be im­portant information.

(Um, why isn't Theater 119 on the Web? Yeah, I know, you're just the mommy!)

QPD: already disclosed, but not consummated.

And locally...

Jeanne and I have become habitués of the Mill Road Farmer's Market under the auspices of the Westhampton Beach Historical Society and the direction of Elsie Collins.

(The woman runs a tight ship! Jeanne notes that as a retired kindergarten teacher Elsie is perfect for the job!)

There's always interesting fare to sample and purchase... we're very bullish on Steve Price's salad dressings, in particular the Celery Seed one, and I've developed a jones for Fat Ass Fudge from East Hampton, in particular the Peanut Butter variety.

(And if proprietrix Donna McCue hadn't've been so involved doing her Marion Lorne impersonation yesterday, I'd've bought a lot more of it!)

Another solid presence Saturday mornings... probably the one most keeping with the spirit of a farmers' market... are the Carsons who've re-opened the old Phillips produce stand on Montauk Highway just past Seabreeze Avenue.

Good stuff! Great corn! Nice people.

QPD: none, though Elsie did have us over for breakfast last month.


1. EastEnd68 said...

Thanks for plugging Dean's Country Market. Besides knowing how to make ribs, John is the nicest guy. And your wife is correct, the quality is not overpriced.

Um, you might want to read that part again.

2. Eileen Dover said...

Not part of the Chamber but part of the Historical Society. Better fix that right soon!

Um, [heh heh] Done!

No excuses, but doncha think it's poor form that the Chamber has a better Webpage on the Farmer's Market than the Historical Society?

Jus' sayin'....
– Dean

3. Eileen Dover said...

Maybe the Chamber is involved too. I know for a fact that the Historical Society is.

No, you were right... thanks for catching that.

4. WHBYankee said...

I'll vouch for those ribs, too. They get better and better each time I get them.

Are you sure Johnny is the larger of the two?

Never trust a skinny chef!

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