Saturday, August 08, 2009


...or, as as us younger ones knew him, Teddy or Ted, as in Theodore Brigham Conklin, Jr.

(I never got the "Bobby" thing, but that's how my Mom and her bridge table bid­dies... all of whom knew him a lot longer than did I... always referred to him!)

And the name came up this morning in eulo­gizing comments by his son during a memorial service in Quogue, so "Bobby" it is.

It was a good send-off for the 14th Mayor of Westhampton Beach, and I've never seen the Church of Atonement fuller.

The best part for me was the number of faces I hadn't seen in, not years, but decades.

I also liked the "nautical theme" of the read­ings and recitations, appropriate because after being a gentleman, he was first and foremost a sailor on the "yachtsman" side of the line.

It is a "type" not often seen anymore.

After notice was made here of his passing in April, the estimable restauranteur Starr Boggs spoke on Derby night about the grand times he had enjoyed during his time in the early '80s as The Patio's Chef de Cuisine, with Teddy and his "crew," Bill Robinson, Warren Wolfe, et al, and all now gone.

He encouraged me to write of that period and and those friends, but while I knew each, and over the decades former publisher Robinson and I had bent many an elbow along the brass rail at 54 Main Street, I really wasn't there during the period which Starr recollects with such affection.

So on that count, this mention will have to suffice.


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