The Empress' Entitlements

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Empress' Entitlements

It's good to be a Trustee re-elected by a near 2-1 margin... now Joan Levan can do on Main Street in the middle of the busiest Saturday of the year, what she routinely does in the Village Hall parking lot any ol' time she pleases.

The Empress' conveyance at Village Hall

They is no disputation about whether the Levan family vehicle is eligible for a Handi­capped Parking tag, but New York State law is very clear on the use of such permits:

"The plates and permits may be used to park in reserved parking spaces only when the person with the disability is driving or riding in the vehicle."

(Emphasis in the original.)

So claiming the Handicapped space at Village Hall for an hour when Mr. Levan isn't along for the ride isn't cricket.

And it should not have to be pointed out that using the sole space in front of the 11978 Post Office for a solo cruise through the Art Show is a definite No-No!

C'mon, Joan... the law applies to you as well.


1. Susan said...

Perhaps her permit is based on some "mental handicap," or a "moral handicap?"

More and more Mrs. Levan seems to be channeling the late Leona Helmsley: "We don't obey laws. Only the little people obey laws..."
– Dean

2. Bigdog said...

Never commented before but this pic finally got to me. She is ridiculous. I will buy you your next Polaroid.

Don't need a Polaroid. Just have to remember to keep my Canon with me anytime I'm out and about the Village! The Empress is a walking, driving photo-op!
– Dean

3. Pepper Mintz said...

She is indeed a piece of work.

4. Bumper Morgan said...

If I was still pushing a car on Main Street I would have ticketed the old bag and had her vehicle towed. Her time will come!!!

I know you wouldn't've much cared, but for the police and traffic guys today, that would be a "Career-limiting move."

5. Jerry Steiner said...

What's the problem here.... just call the Chief of Police. Done deal.

Lexus???? We consider that slummin' north of the river and thru them woods. Put that woman in for a raise!

Always good to see you and the Mrs., Mr. Wizard.

Feel the love... ice cold beer... Jerry

6. Big Mike said...

Dean... new to the blog, at least as a commentator but feel compelled to weigh in on this matter. The handicapped permits are strictly for those folks who need them. That Marvin Levan needs the convenience afforded by a permit is not in dispute. If, however, anyone else is using the permit issued to him and does not have the need for one that is a clear violation of NY Motor Vehicle Law.

I have strong feelings on the improper use of a handicapped placard as my late father and late mother-in-law both had legitimate need. There's no way I would have used their placards if they were not in the car and I believe that Mrs. Levan – especially as an elected official – should be subject to the law, just like the rest of us.

It should not be a "career limiting" issue if one of our Village P.O.s witnesses an unauthorized use and cites the driver. The law is clear and the penalties for improper use are intended as a deterrent. Write the ticket... and if there is retribution I do believe that it could come back to bite the retributor right in the butt.

We have in the no-so-distant past seen a very open retaliation for a member of the force doing his job in respects to a member of the Village Board while most of the residents simply looked the other way.

You're right, of course... elected officials, like Caesar's wife, must keep their skirts spotless. But then the Empress of Oneck has always felt that she's different, that she's special.

We had a Mayor like that 25 years ago.
– Dean

7. EastEnd68 said...

The sad thing is Joan does not care. Her only comment was that "Dean" is picking on her again. Even her friends are getting feed up with her self rightous attitude.

Moi?!? Perhaps the woman should stop flouting the law and flaunting her misbehavior so openly in front of all the little people.

8. Matlynn Carville said...

Hey, walking is GOOD for the health and to get to know the little people one professes to represent.

However, I would wager by the time of this posting the Empress might have gotten some doc to write HER an excuse note, too. If it's a trumped up excuse, the DMV can chase her and her doctor down.

Don't they have huge glue-ey stickers they can slap on the windshield? Or those boots for tires? If Mrs. Levan thinks she's outraged now by the decade-long Waldbaum's problems, imagine her pique to find her wheels impounded.

THAT GOES FOR YOU, TOO, ELYSE, you naughty girl you!

9. Eileen Dover said...

I'm a big fan of the boot. How embarrassing to come out and find that on your car. Mind you I don't know from personal experience!

I don't think the Village P.D. has one... maybe they should get one and name it "the Empress' Prada."

10. Eileen Dover said...

Speaking of the Empress... has anyone noticed how crappy the flowers are on Main Street. We can thank her for having everyone leave the Beautification Committee.

Yes, I was told that two years ago... bossy, doesn't play well with others, etc. I've been trying to get a copy of her parochial school report card from Stubenville, but I think all those records were lost during the great Ohio River flood of '37.

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