More of That...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

More of That...

...and that is "Royal Pains," cable USA's new series about "The Hamptons" which debuted last Thursday.

With the wonders of modern technology and due to a full schedule that night, I time-shifted the 90-minute premiere to a more convenient period this evening when we FF'd through the commercials and got up to speed in a little over an hour.

The Set-Up: The protagonist is a talented E.R. doctor in NYC who gets terminated under overly-dramatic circumstances, and after he descends into indigency and his stunning-but-shallow fiancé leaves him, winds up being dragged out here for Memorial Day weekend by his younger accountant brother with a scheme to crash a huge party thrown by a Euro-trash moneybags in a beach front Taj Mahal. Once here through a breakneck series of unlikely events, he reluctantly becomes a "concierge doctor" to the indigenous moneyed set.

Quick Critique: A relatively lightweight show with a cast of modestly attractive but mostly little-knowns. The bulk of the writing by even littler-knowns with very short C.V.s is pedes­trian with a few promising lines thrown in.

While some pick-up shots are used to establish a "The Hamptons" mise-en-scène, the bulk of the locations are filmed on the other end of Long Island in Long Beach and along "The Gold Coast."

Of Note: "West Hampton"{sic} is dismissed as "Worst Hampton," and that was before last week's hatchet job by Newsday and News12!

"Hamptons Heritage Hospital," standing in for a certain institution on Meeting House Lane, is portrayed as a medical facility to be avoided at all costs.

The Prospects: While a big cut above 1983's wretched five-episode The Hamptons, it's still lightweight from start to end credits.

Linda Stasi of the NY Post calls Royal Pains "Perfect, mindless, summer fun."

In other words, ideal for Post readers.


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