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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Front Page Ray

Updated 06/04/2009 – 01:13 pm

Village Police Chief Ray Dean has been in the news before, but never on the front page of Newsday as the focus of a story as he is today.

And it's a doozie!

And he's on the front page of this morning's edition of the Southampton Press Western Edition as well.

No, he didn't get get caught in the Morgan House being serviced by a wench with an over­bite, or throwing lead around Oak Street to save the area from a menacing 'possum, or even sound asleep in the middle of the morn­ing in a sector car on Dune Road.

None of those apply. Chief Dean was nabbed for his large... some say excessive... salary which Newsday is reporting as $188,709.

Key parts of the story are factually inaccurate, of course... Newsday and the city media rarely ever get it right about anything on the East End, but they love to come out here and write about the "ritzy Hamptons."

(Look at who their audience is!)


"If Dean gets a raise of any kind - a village official says there is a 7.9 percent raise in his contract - Dean would make more than New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who oversees the largest police department in the country."

Which "village official?"

Given the rest of the story, it's gotta be Depu­ty Mayor Jim Kametler, one of the disgraced former police officers who left the department when Chief Dean started cleaning house, and has been waging a sloppy vendetta ever since.

And then there's the apples'n'oranges of com­paring compensation with NYC's Police Com­missioner, a politician who shares with the local Police Chief only the given name of "Ray."

Buried in the body of the story:

"[Dean] also disputed that his contract al­lowed him a 7.9 percent raise and said his salary would remain the same."

So, who're ya gonna believe, the public record or a public official with a personal ax to grind?


"Dean's base salary is $149,624. His con­tract entitles him to a range of additional pay, such as night differential pay, which brings the total to $188,709.60. He is also entitled to compensatory time...."

There ya go! The "base salary is $149,624," right in the middle of what other South Fork Police Chiefs are paid!

Don't be gulled by the nameless dissemblers with their ill-disguised petty agendas: look it up!


In 2007-08 the Superintendent of Westhamp­ton Beach School District was annually paid $242,544 in salary, benefits and other com­pensation, his Assistant pulls down $151,639, and the new Principal of Westhampton Beach High School makes $131,500.

Even the Assistant Superintendent of Person­nel and Instruction gets $172,118. (Source)

And The New York Times in 2005 reported:

"One in 12 teachers in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties now earns more than $100,000, and the ranks are growing fast....."

Does anyone think that figure has decreased?

What's it mean?

I dunno... it's just a local point of comparison.

Professional people get paid professionally, and if they do the job, that's the way it should be.

OtBB's view is that Chief Dean does the job... despite continued petty and spiteful interfer­ence from the Village Board... and does it more professionally than anyone in the 49½ years I've been clocking the local police department.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Hear, hear, Speir!!

And does the Superintendent of WHB school district have to work night shifts, holidays, settle ugly domestic disputes, respond to ambulance calls and car wrecks and hurricanes, or deal with drunks, riots, crowd control and violent felons as part of his duties?

HOW much bigger does our population get during the Summer season? PLUS, when was the last time Irwin had to investigate gunfire at the Kametler residence?

I did a little Googling after reading your blog.

Did Newsday bother to compare the GENERAL salaries of Suffolk County Police to New York City's Finest this time -- certainly a more hazardous position? Well, someone ELSE took Newsday to task for their sloppy investigative legwork in 2002:

"'Average Suffolk Cop: $105G,' reads an April Newsday headline. According to Newsday, 64% of Suffolk County Police earn six figures per year. Another statistic reads that out of the 2,500 police officers, detectives and supervisors who worked in 2001, more than 1600 earned over $100,000 for that year."
Parts of that information were true -- and parts again misrepresented -- but also look at the foot cop's salary, fergoshsakes! Ray Dean's salary isn't that much higher!

And THOSE numbers were from 2002, folks. Read the whole thing -- it's enlightening.

Ray Dean is earning a median scale salary for a South Fork Police Chief. I think Jimmy Kametler doesn't pack the neurons to have pulled off this vindictive piece of PR. But Puppetmaster Joan Levan MOST certainly does, and influences every move The trustees now make. IF she is re-elected, she will have achieved her power play. Do YOU want this kind of person supervising your Village; one who picks and chooses her own tax relief, alienates folks who have voluntarily worked for years in the community, spends our money like we have it, and bullied through the EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR McLibrary? Wasn't it Levan who knowingly violated the rules of Executive Sessions, and let's face it, generally does not play well with others? It's all about HER.

She barely squeaked by last election against SPEIR of all people -- and was not elected but appointed the first time to fill a vacancy. Let's not make the same mistake -- third time's a charm, folks. It must be a clear mandate; and I earnestly request those who mind the polls to challenge EVERYTHING QUESTIONABLE in the way of LEGAL voters this time.

Mr. Arrasate will work fine for me, thanks.

He loves his village; and it IS his village. Let's get back to basics.

Please, let's bring the promise of honest CHANGE back to the local level, and clean house.
The Newsday piece is garbage... they were here again today as was News12, as superficial a "news" media as there is... and was simply dishonest, starting with the headline:
Westhampton Beach chief making $188,709 seeks a raise
The story itself refutes that, but one is left with the impression that Ray Dean is a greedy pig!

The greediest pig of them all is the disgraced former cop also quoted in the story, a man with no moral compass.

2. Gordie Howe said...

Hey Dean:

What did the possum man make his last year on the job?

Interesting question?


Somewhere around $110,000 I think....

3. Gordie Howe said...

Hey Dean:

It's a wonder there is a man or woman left standing willing to commit to a life of public service after witnessing the vitriol and mean spirited vindictiveness flying around this small Village. Here we have a Chief of Police who gladly serves this community 24/7/365, ready to respond no matter what ugliness may be in sight. But rather than receiving the praise and support he deserves, we are spectators to a cleverly orchestrated attempt at public humiliation and degradation of professional esteem. I am confident Chief Dean will stand tall in the face of this latest attempt to unseat him and I would hope that the voters see through this sham, do what's right and good for the future of the Village and put an end to this embarrassment. If I expected more from press I'd say shame on you for getting duped, but then I'm old enough to know what sells papers.

Go Wings Go!


Points well-taken. Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler, as dumb as a box of rocks, can only see this as a payback to the Chief, and never comprehend the disservice he's done to the entire Village.

4. Here we go again said...

How do you respond to the article. Its represented in a way, as you pointed out, that the Chief is a greedy person.

This is a perfect example of what happens when people can not run on their acomplishments in life or office. I bet if some research was done it would show that this writer is related or connected to one of the three musketeers.

The man makes a good salary but is faced with many issues every day, including the personal ones that have been coming from these bottom feeders of society.

Ray, hold your head high, there are aot of residents who appreciate your service to this Village

Enough I hope. The Levan-Tucker-Kametler sleaze factor should sink them.

5. Matlynn Carville said...

No, Speir!

We should do our level best to sink Levan-Tucker-Kametler as expeditiously as possible. Remember, it ain't over till it's over. Who said that, Yogi?

Remember how Obama couldn't possibly be elected, heh, heh?

Yeah, well, guess what? Yes, we did, and yes, we will dump this load of rotten apples in the trash where they belong. Better yet, in the compost, where at least the earth will draw some use of their decayed moral fiber!

They are basing their entire campaign on the eruv and the salary of a contracted employee?

That's ALL they got to show for spending EIGHT MILLION BUCKS on Library Avenue and alienating the regular folk?

What are they going to spend our money on next? A seven-foot bronze statue of the Empress of O'Neck in the middle of Main Street? I can see the glint in her cataracted eyes already.... We need youth and a commitment to the Village. Dump Levan. Trash Tucker. Let's move on folks.

Wow! What got you cranked up this evening?!? You must've been in the audience of that packed Village meeting.

6. Jeanne Speir said...

This is awful!

What do they think they would have to pay a replacement Chief of Police?

Funny you should ask as that very question was answered by Mayor Conrad Teller at Thursday evening's meeting!

By Civil Service law, it would have to be the same salary!

The entire strategy seems to be to harrass Chief Dean out of the position, Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler's payback for not getting the Detective's position to desperately desired when he was still in relatively good standing on the police force, and then for being forced to take an early department or face serious disciplinary charges.

Secretly, the Deputy Mayor covets the job himself, but that's one process I don't think he could rig..

7. Matlynn Carville said...

Well, there you have it. Hire an unfamiliar face AT THE SAME SALARY at the beginning of the crazy tourist season.

THAT is responsible government? THAT is cost effectiveness?

THIS group of trustees has taken leave of its senses.

No, but THAT is what a certain faction within the Police Department wants so they can go back to the old days of cooping on night shifts and working a second job during their day tours.
– Dean

8. Here we go again said...

I am filled with anxiety by the actions of this Board. They have taken one of the only true profesionals in this Village and dragged him through the mud.

Conrad Teller points out that the Chief's pay is in line with other Chiefs on the East End.

However, you see Jim's comment asking why his pay has to be in line with other Chiefs. Simple, for the same reason Jimmy that your pay had to be in line with other cops on the East End when you were a cop. You are a double talking, double standard, lier, fake, do as I say not as I did pile of garbage.

You see who Hank gets his advice from, the lazy do-nothings of the Department. All of them are telling lies to Hank and Joan so they can continue the Country Club they have enjoyed under this board's reign.

Lots of secrets behind closed doors at the cheesecake factory.

Maybe its about time the public turned the lights on these people and watch as they scurry away from the truth and are made to prove the lies they tell.

I'm on it! Why do you think the Kametler/dela Fuente claque applauded when Angelo made a derisive remark about OtBB's investigations? Because they all fear what appears here.

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