Putting the 'twit' in Twitter

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Putting the 'twit' in Twitter

...or, all anyone really needs to know about Elyse Richman.

From this very morning on Sunset Avenue just opposite the en­trance to Hampton Synagogue:

Sunset Avenue, 10:35 am, May 23, 2009
Sunset Avenue, 10:35 am, May 23, 2009

It really is the essence of Elyse... always push­ing the boundaries.

In some instances be this can an admirable trait, but rarely the way Ms. Richman does it.

Just as "Caesar's wife must be above suspic­ion," it would be prudent for public figures to walk the straight and narrow, as those in the public eye, from John Profumo to Gart Hart to Eliot Spitzer, have been learning the hard way from time immemorial.

And before anyone starts whining that OtBB is picking on poor Elyse, I'm throwing the "BS!" flag! Whatever the reason, she was the one who make the decision to park there.

She's the one who by her candidacy has, in the celebrated language of Sullivan v. The New York Times, "instituted (herself) into the vortex of public opinion," and yet blithely continues to very publicly flout the law... in this instance beneath the clearly posted sign.

OtBB is done with Ms. Richman as there are fatter fish to filet this election.

She's not a bad woman, she's... just Elyse.

No authorship is claimed for the title of this entry. A variation of it was recently used on 27East.com by a sometime Commenter to the blog.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Good thing you added the Disclaimer! I would have taken you to court for an Intellectual Property Violation!

I claim no credit for that which is not mine.

But I now leave Ms. Richman to the irreverent attentions of you and the fellow from Weesuck Creek... just don't be showing up on Main Street wearing Speedos!

2. Pepper Mintz said...

She just can't help herself. It's sad really. I'd like to vote for her but she's such a twit. Or is that twitter?

You're right, of course... she never sees anything wrong with any of what she does.
– Dean

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