What's ahead for Jim Hulme...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's ahead for Jim Hulme...

...now that Judge Melvyn Tannenbaum has published his decision in the East End Ready Mix case?

In a "Short Form Order" dated April 27, 2009, the State Supreme Court Judge wrote:

"The Court is also required to note that the credible evidence established during the hearing revealed that defendant Josephine Carnevale, together with her then attorney, James N. Hulme, Esquire, took part in filing in the Suffolk County Clerk's Office deeds misrepresenting the description of the premises by enlarging the area of defen­dant's property to include a 23 foot strip of Hazelwood Avenue owned by the Village of Westhampton Beach.

By Judgment dated September 17, 2008 (consented to by the parties) three deeds dated October 28, 1997 (from Speonk Ma­terials Corp. to Josephine Carnevale), June 26, 1998 (from Speonk Materials Corp. to Josephine Carnevale) and June 26, 1998 (from Speonk Materials Corp. to Josephine Carnevale) were canceled of record. Based upon the hearing testimony the Court dir­ects that the hearing transcript be forward­ed to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and the Tenth Judicial District Griev­ance Committee for review and such action as may be required."

Translation: between October 1997 and June 1998, Hulme and his client filed three (3) separate bogus deeds claiming title to some Village Property.

Judge Tannenbaum felt that Mrs. Carnevale's and Mr. Hulme's actions were sufficiently egregious that he:

  1. Canceled, or voided, the deeds.
  2. Referred the matter to District Attorney Thomas Spota for possible action.
  3. Also referred the hearing transcript to the local Judicial Grievance Committee for review.

This was previously referenced or discussed in:

The Southampton Press' Jessica DiNapoli also covered this matter in January.

This then, as the late Paul Harvey would have said, is "the rest of the story."

While Mr. Hulme, who in May is running unop­posed for yet another term on the Westhamp­ton Beach School Board, may feel that he is liv­ing under a certain Damoclean sword, recent events have shown that unless there's an op­portunity for a splashy press conference by Mr. Spota, no indictment should be forthcoming.

Judicial ethics sanctions, however, remain a very real possibility, as another no-longer-local attorney learned to his discredit two years ago.


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