How could I have been...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How could I have been...

...such an ignoramus to not have supported Barack Obama for President?!?

I've just received notification from the Social Security Administration that the "economic re­covery bill" that my wife's choice for President signed into law two months ago, will be plac­ing a "one-time payment of $250" into my bank account sometime in the next six weeks!

This is great news!

This is one of the things I've always wanted from a President!

Now I understand why my rock-rib Republican mother voted for LBJ in 1964: he increased her monthly UnRemWid check $17 a month.

Ordinarily all I would have to do is figure out what to do with my Economic Stimulus Pay­ment... but I think I know the safest way to spend it.

Not only will it make my wife really happy, but it will help stimulate Starr Boggs' economy!


1. Matlynn Carville said...

I LIKE Obama! But you knew that.

Speir--sorry to go political on you so early, but I have an idea on how to spend that money.

Say, how about saving it for your next tax bill -- you know, the one to help us pay for the new library we REALLY didn't need? It was forced down our collective gullets by Make-My-Legacy Joan Levan. THAT has ruined many an appetite in this financially strapped economy. Ms. Levan sure knows how to read the tea leaves and spend the WHB taxpayer's money, yes?


It's time for Change in WHB, too. Let's pick up a Trustee who will spend our dough less frivolously.

BTW, how much money did she receive from that guy who owned Magic's in her last run for election? The fella who is implicated in all that mortgage fraud? Bet you it was more than $250!

Jeez Louise Pell! Where to start?

Yes, I knew you... and my wife and even one of my old shooting partners... liked The One.

$250 isn't going to make a dent in my tax bill.

We did need a new library, just not that badly!

I don't think anyone is spending our money "frivolously," just not as wisely as one would hope.

"That guy who owned Magic's," still owns Magic's last I looked... his name is Donald Clark MacPherson and he channeled $3,000 into the 2007 Levan/Tucker campaign, supposedly so he could get Main Street sewer hook-up to the waste-treatment plant by the airport.

2. Hampton West said...

Jury is still out on this guy as far as I'm conerned - this middle-to-right-of-center Democrat (yes, there are some of us) went to a "tea party" only to be totally appalled by the right wing non-sense being promoted. I'm ready for a third party but --- nothing is out there as of now.

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