Things you don't wanna hear...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things you don't wanna hear...

...on an airplane.

Bob Newhart used to have a routine in the old days where he was the Flight Captain on a cut-rate excursion to our 50th State. Mimicking an electronic voice:

"Say, anyone been to Hawaii before? ... It's kind of a kidney-shaped island, isn't it?"

Funny bit... but not so rib-tickling if one is a passenger when the flight deck delivers some less-than-comforting information.

Such as what happened shortly before our late departure from Fort Lauderdale earlier today on Southwest #2830.

I have no idea what model aircraft1 we were en­planing, only that it was very crowded for a Saturday flight, and that the boarding process had been lengthier than usual.

As we were adjusting ourselves in the rear of the aeroplane and the later boarders sought seats of their own, the crackling voice apologiz­ed for the delay, explaining...

"Our trip this evening is a little crowded and this is an older plane...."

We were still rolling the implications of that announcement around in our minds when it was repeated for everyone's edification.

For my part I was still trying to figure out how to send a cellular text message to advise my heirs that a double indemnity clause should be invoked because the Captain had prior knowl­edge that we weren't likely to make it back to Long Island, when the cabin crew made us put all electronic devices away.

We did, however, get to Islip/Mac without un­toward incident, but it was the least relaxed trip I've had since two years ago when our Continental Air flight made an emergency landing in a Gawd-forsaken part of Mexico where we were held incommunicado for 6½ hours, surrounded by a squad of bantam-sized Federales with 30-caliber rifles and a large unhappy-looking Alsatian.

Now I wouldn't go near Continental Air on a bet, but I like Southwest, they add routes every month, Islip/Mac is convenient to us, and I've always had a good experience with them.

Maybe some Flight Deck personnel need to be more sensitive to the fact that it's not suppos­ed to be "Fright Deck!"

  1. Said to be a Boeing 737-300.
  2. On time, too!


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

Glad you're back home safe and sound. xxoo, Babs

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