Waldbaum's in the lions' den...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waldbaum's in the lions' den...

...and mostly she-lions at that.

But District Manager Charlie Schiro survived the hour-long assault, and now it remains to be seen whether the man has the "juice" to do anything about the abominable conditions at their Sunset Avenue store!

And as encouraging as was Mr. Schiro's pres­ence, it seems extraordinary that he was un­aware (as he repeatedly asserted) of the severity of the long-standing problems at the store.

District Manager Charlie Schiro and the District Deli and Baked Goods Specialist Eileen Mujanovic address the Levan Legionettes.

But as complaint after complaint was made known to him, his response mantra was:

"I'll bring it up with my boss."

Perhaps that's all he can do, but it affords him an out if... once again... nothing in the way of the desired changes occur.

Mr. Schiro asserted that he would report back to Trustee Joan Levan... which organically leads into the rest of the problem.

The Levan Legionettes

This was a Levan project all the way... probably spurred on by the fact that she's running for re-election this June after a close call1 at the polls two years ago, and she hasn't got much to show for her three years in office.

And that's fine... good to see her get out of her tennis outfit and do something for the Village.

But c'mon, already! A look at the make-up of the dozen and one-half people in attendance this morning, and I'd be surprised if one-third of them had ever made an attempt to regular­ly patronize the local Waldbaum's, much less re­member the old days of the A&P!

In point of fact, there was less than a handful of actual honest-to-Toni-Stevens "locals" there who have any real track record with the super market, and one was myself... proudly doing battle with them for 31 years now... and an­other was Susan O'Rourke with whom I've compared food-shopping notes over the years.

I genuinely hope that today's ad hoc session in Village Hall will lead to productive change, but from here it looks like illusory election year razzle-dazzle from the Empress of Oneck.

  1. A six vote squeaker over a last minute opponent.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

C'mon Mr. False Modesty: YOU, Speir, are the one who ran against her; had you more nastily and aggressively challenged the illegal votes, you would possibly be our trustee today.

Since you didn't pull a Norm Coleman, and retained your peripatetic gentlemanliness, known and cherished by Westhampton women of a certain age (you rascal you), we have been afforded an eight MILLION dollar legacy monkey at the very height (or depth) of a severe economic downturn; and that woman's mad pursuit of power and exposure post-retirement has negatively impacted the pockets of us all.


Great Holy Salt Hay; PLEASE put your name on a petition! It's time to bridle the horses to the wagon, and make hay while the sun shines. Do your Grandpappy proud.

Stir it up, sir.

Time's awastin'.

– Dean

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