Say what?!?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Say what?!?

The noive of some people!

"In Somalia, a relative of one of the pirates, Hassan Mohammed Farah, told Reuters that it was not necessary to kill the men.

'They were trying to save their own lives ... The only thing they could bargain with was the captain, but the Americans would not accept,' he said."

Do ya think?

In all, a happy ending.

The only question is, is why this was allowed to drag along for five days!

While President Barack Obama is not expected to be Theodore Roosevelt, Heaven help the Republic if he's another Jimmy Carter!


1. Rob F. said...

Obama played it so that he could have it both ways. If the operation was another "Eagle Claw", Obama could claim he was out of the loop and put the blame on the pirates, the military, or even George Bush if he could get away with it. If the operation was a success, he could (and did) claim that he personally decided to give the order to take out the pirates. But he refused to take a public position on the pirates, ducking questions and letting Hillary Clinton yuk it up about the incident as if it was nothing of importance.

2. Paramarine said...

Though it helps that the circumstances were favorable for clear decision making, I think this showed that he's no Jimmy Carter.

I believe there were a couple of factors at play with regard to how and when this was executed. Further, I think these factors had more to do with operational circumstances than securing approvals.

It’s likely that one of those factors was to wait the captors out and allow fatigue to set in, so long as the hostage was relatively safe.

Okay, just as long as you aren't suggesting that we buy into the hogwash that the three tangoes were shot because one of them "pointed an AK47" at the good Captain!

3. Hampton West said...

If we had gone in earlier who knows what the result would have been.

I bet they waited for the full moon to wax a bit so they had some light to operate in but not too much for it to be an advantage to the pirates. Short of the pirates executing the Captain (always a possibility ), the Navy was in a strong position. Whether Obama played it to his advantage or was setting up Hilary for a fall, in the end he left the command at the local level with the Navy - where it belonged. This time it worked.

Ever looked through a "starlight" optical device? It was like noon to the DevGroup marksmen.

4. Matlynn Carville said...

Kudos to the sharpshooters; I wonder if any were women?

Like Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlychenko or Ruth Westheimer? I'm afraid the reports are silent on the gender of the shooters.

5. Hampton West said...

I've never looked through the scope you mentioned but I think an earlier writer was correct - the Navy needed to wear these guys down before taking them out.

Obama won Round 1 but the area is loaded with land mines and the outcome of round 2 may be very different. All the other concerned nations have to get involved - not always easy. As for believing the Captain was in imminent danger - yea - I think he was and the decision was transferred to the local commander. It worked this time -- next time?

Four days?!? They were likely physically and mentally exhausted at Hour 36!

Traditionally, pirates (and mutineers) swung from the yardarm. They were captured and hoisted aloft!

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