Report from Sunset Avenue...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Report from Sunset Avenue...

...specifically Waldbaum's!

The weekly Sales flier from that 11978 Store1 advertises, "for three days only!:"

Flier item for the week of "4/10-4/16"

"Imported Fresh Australian Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb $1.99 lb."

...apparently a savings of $3.00 pound over regular prices, and one dollar a pound over the price for the remainder of Easter Week.

That was enough to dupe my wife into sending her second born off to Sunset Avenue for an "Imported Fresh Australian Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb" for this evening's table of eight in the ol' family homestead!

I love her dearly, but silly woman!

By 11:00 Sunday morning the Westhampton Beach store was out of that sale item... if they ever had it in stock2 with which to begin.

So Katrina drove her mother's car3 the addit­ional 18½ miles round-trip to the Waldbaum's super-store on Route 58 where the "Imported Fresh Australian Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb" was plentiful, and the meat section was un­tainted by the odor of moldering flesh.

People ask "When will it get better?"

No one knows, and corporate Waldbaum's has little incentive to care.

Shopping Tip...

Incidentally, one of OtBB's "passionate shop­per" readers advises that while sale pricing is frequently different4 between Westhampton Beach "class" locations and that of Riverhead... a "what the traffic will bear" kinda thing... if the customer shows up here or Southampton with a flier from another area, the stores will (reluctantly) honor the lower sale prices.

  1. Make no mistake, the company's fliers for the "class" of locations into which West­hampton Beach falls, is different from that of Riverhead or Mattituck.
  2. 44 years experience with A&P/Waldbaum's has shown that one can never be too cynical about the store at 70 Sunset Avenue.
  3. That vehicle being a "Hybrid," the fuel ex­penditure probably totaled one dollar, so the real issue is one of time and aggravation!


1. Susan said...

Two meetings which may be of interest: 4/15 at 10:00 a.m. in the Village Hall with the Waldbaum's district manager (re general complaints), and 4/23 at 5:00 p.m. in Village Hall with Waldbaum's bureaucracy re parking lot drainage issues (they say the drainage is just fine, and they only want to resurface the parking lot - uh huh!)

Thanks for the information, but upon information and belief, the resurfacing issue was settled several years ago, but has never been acted on.
– Dean

2. Gordie Howe said...

Hey Dean -

Happy Easter!

You could have saved yourself some trouble and stopped at Dean's Country Market during the week - he had beautiful legs of lamb and plenty of other goodies and his prices are quite reasonable for the prime quality he offers.

Enjoy - I hope you didn't forget the mint jelly - they were expired in WHB!


Why are we not surprised?!

3. Hampton West said...

The store is appalling and is my shop of last resort.

4. BettyBoo said...

Have you seen the sparkling new meat coolers in the back of the store? Stay tuned for more price hikes....

5. Matlynn Carville said...

Not that long ago, they did NOT honor their sister store flyers! I was told "too bad" that the WHB ZIP code rendered it a more expensive item in the 11978 zone. Like we're all Empresses of Oneck!

Fortunately, there's only one of those!

6. Jerry Steiner said...

Thought we went down this road already, Mr. Wizard... How was the selection of matzo and gefilte fish??

Say, didn't that Australian lamb give something that ate up you brain? Yeah, I know where you are going with that Mr. Wizard....

Feel the love.... ice cold beer.... Jerry

Once again, I fail to take your meaning... as long as you "get it."

7. Jeanne Speir said...


Inform Mr. North of the Riverhead Plains he's got it BACKWARDS! The ONLY lamb to eat is from the Aussies (and New Zealand). They are geographically isolated and extremely strict on what can be imported INTO their countries. Therefore, they have the only lamb in the world that is SPARED the JC or CJ (first initial depending upon whom you are related to -- Jacob or Creutzfeld), brain-chomping variant of the more infamous "Mad Cow Disease." We knew about this in the '80s when I worked at SUNY Stony Brook. There were active cases even then in the USA. I don't know how they keep a lid on this with a media that is usually boiling to freak us out with one health scare or another....

Yes, dear....

8. Johnny Romo said...

Not to air our dirty laundry, Dean, but didn't you and I have this conversation a week ago? Wasting gas to save money? Makes no sense. You have a local meat market that has quality product. If Dean's Market is good enough for "Gordie Howe" (the greatest lover of GOOD food I know) it should be good enough for anyone!

And if its cost that gets you to go to Waldbaum's to buy something you are going to put INTO your body, the dollar store sells great toothpaste from China.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS! You have them all covered here in WHB, fish, meat, beverages and fruit and vegetables in the Summer months (not to mention the few local farms in the region, a real reason to go to Riverhead). If more people did that, the economy will stay local and you probably wouldn't mind that dump of a grocery store as much.

I feel a sense of betrayal from you, sir....

Ummmm... okay, I think.

9. Jerry Steiner said...

1000 pardons, Jeanne. My wife had me brain-washed! "Don't buy Australian lamb. Your brain is bad enough." Wasn't my fault. You are right. Nothing better than a nice semi-boneless leg with garlic, rosemary, balsamic vinaigrette chucked on the BBQ.

Feel the love... ice cold beer... Jerry

Timely call, Jerry, and not a moment too soon. My wife was headed for beautiful downtown Riverheaf tomorrow with a bone in her teeth! "Feel the love?" Know the pain, m'man!

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