April Village Board Meeting

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Village Board Meeting

It began at 7:00 pm, ended at 7:38 pm, and in between was discussed, and passed, the Village of Westhampton Beach 2009-2010 budget.

Actually, the entire budget process was a fait accompli by 7:23 pm, all $8,928,697 of it.

That's pretty fast work of it.

Perhaps the only two year-'round residents of the Village who have the ability to comprehend the numbers were in attendance and questioned the board briefly, but as good as Messrs. Harris Palmer and Victor Levy are, it's difficult to get a handle on a year's worth of financial informa­tion in approximately 20 minutes.

When this issue was raised, Village Clerk Kath­leen McGinnis noted that the law stipulates that a budget must be adopted by May 1st.

However, when asked if the Village Board couldn't pass the budget at the April 22 Trustees's Work Session, Mayor Conrad Teller acknowledged that it could... but the vote was immediately called and passed unanimously.

At first glance, the 2009-2010 budget appears to be a tight one, but questions linger about legal expenditures and the police and highway departments.

In respect to those pesky "legal expenditures," the municipality's long Muchnick nightmare appears to be over since Westhampton Beach Associates LLC did not file an appeal to Judge Arthur Spatt's embarrassing spanking of their attempt to cow the Village with a $25 million 1983 Civil Rights Action within the statutory 30-day limit.

"It's over!" confirmed Village Attorney Hermon Bishop.


1. Elyse Richman said...

Dean, Did you know you there were more people at the meeting that have the ability to comprehend the numbers that make up our budget. Give us more credit; there was a room full of adults and 1 child that being my son and he is learning his math and before long he too will know how to balance a budget as well.

Happy Spring

Sorry, Elyse, but in that respect, I'm an empiricist. (i.e., as they say in Missouri, "show me!")

I know you're not a dummy, and obviously, you're a successful business person. But when it comes to demonstrating "the goods" at Village meetings, I'm still waiting. (And what does your son have to do with anything under discussion?!?)

And a Happy Spring to you, as well... tra-la-la-la!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Do you mean, when you say, "Show me" at Village meetings that people other than Victor Levy, you and Harris Palmer need to belly up to the mic and ask questions of the Board? Do you mean that sitting there like bumps on logs is not enough?

Well... yes.

But I'm glad to see resident show up... it always makes some of the Board members nervous.

3. The Quiogue Kid said...

My sources told me they wanted the budget passed prior to Wrestlemania XXV so no one would miss it because they were still toiling over the dollars and "sense."

Yes, there's that.

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