Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Updated 04/02/2009 – 12:00 am

Mid-afternoon Stroke of midnight and no hideous electronic worm or data-eating virus has struck.

Has it all been an April Fool's prank?

Or has everyone's digital security done the job?

Will we ever know?


1. Hampton West said...

It may have gone dormant - our IT guys at work think the "owners" are lying low with it because of all the attention. The program is too intricate just to simply expire.

Stay tuned....

Aren't you the cheerful Charlie!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Snopes says this latest computer threat is for real, and in the left margin of their page on this worm there is a list of resources where help is available. I clicked on several and updated my computer thanks to you. Thank you very much.

My pleasure.

3. Hampton West said...

OK - it seems that the folks who control this thing have sent out a message - May 3rd seems to be a terminal ending date - so things may happen between now and then - in addition, the virus/worm seems to be focusing on MSN/Ebay/ accounts - that doesn't mean you're infected - rather it means the virus is looking to infect these sites at some future date - stay tuned!

4. Hampton West said...

Paul Ferguson at TrendMicro's Threat Research division, posted a lengthy explanation of the virus update, along with some interesting factoids.

First, the Conflicker worm will stop operating on May 3, 2009. It uses a random filename and random service name when installing. After installing, it deletes its dropped component. It propagates via MS08-067 (which Microsoft has fixed, so updated systems will not be affected) to external Internet provider addresses if an Internet connection is available.

It also connects with myspace.com, msn.com, ebay.com, cnn.com and aol.com. And after running, it deletes all records of itself, including all files, registries, histories, etc.

What happens after that is unclear - this all reminds me of the Andromeda Strain - Arthur Hill (I think) with Walter Pigeon watching a space-borne virus morph into different forms.

Mr. Ferguson points out that virus resembles an earier virus that was an "extorter," that is - it announced it hijacked your computer and then demanded $50 - credit card only - to go away. Guess whose credit info was then sold - and the origin seems to be the Ukraine - yes ,the land of my mother - oh well - if I hear anything more - I'll post.

Bottom line - keep on top of it - it's still out there.

So are Jim Kametler and Joan Levan, equally malicious threats.

BTW, whoever you were thinking of, it wasn't Walter Pigeon... David Wayne?

5. Hampton West said...

You are correct - got it mixed up with Forbidden Planet.

Must be all those drugs I did in the '60s confusing me again.

Whew, glad we cleared that up, though I don't know how you confuse the two!

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