Noted in passing...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Noted in passing...

...John Gordy, an offensive guard on the last Detroit Lions championship team as well as their many close-but-no-title teams of the '60s, died Friday. He was 73.

Detroit Lions #75, John Gordy

Aside from his 11-year NFL career... three times a Pro Bowl selection... he and the great Lions' defensive tackle Alex Karras were the subjects of George Plimpton's follow-up to the cele­brated Paper Lion, the hilarious Mad Ducks and Bears.

(The one described Karras' odd charging gait through the line, while the latter re­ferred to Gordy, of whom it was said that he had to shave to get a suntan on his torso.)

The sequel was a constant traveling companion in the '70s and '80s when my vision-impaired roommate and I made our annual road trip to visit college chums. We would laugh ourselves to sleep in motels from Toronto to Richmond.

Yeah, I know... I formally abandoned rooting for the Lions three months ago, but I've never given up on the players who provided so many moments both on and off the field for the half-a-century I did follow the team.

John Gordy was in the top ten on that list.


1. Jerry Steiner said...

'Fess up Mr. Wizard. Detroit is in your blood... you're all bluster. Captain Bob-Lo is watching every move you make from his luxury corporate box at Briggs Stadium. Confess Mr. Wizard... confess before it's to late.

Feel the love... Ice cold beer... Jerry

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