Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

And while the New Moon Café isn't open today.... Shana and Ron are in Texas with his family this year, so the lame, the halt, the aged and the alone must fend for themselves this time around while Jeanne and I will cele­brate our special anniversary in another way.

That she is not only in my life but officially carries my family name, is reason enough for me to give thanks.

She will cook and we will prepared a table for various and sundry family members, and no Detroit Lions football will be watched for the first time in 57 years.


1. Hampton West said...

Well - you didn't miss much as the Lions got whipped again - I can recall Thanksgivings as a kid - maybe 5 years old which makes it 1955 and we had a TV; Thanksgiving was a big deal in our house as my White Russian born grandfather would show up; my father insisted that when he spoke to granpa in Russian we had to leave the room - in fact we would often go outside in the cold and eat on the porch. My father and grandfather would eventually end up in a fight over politics - in Russian - I had no idea at the time as to what was going on.

Meanwhile - I vaguely recall Bobby Layne having a good day against the Packers on TV - possibly Tobin Rote for Green Bay? I guess all this online but I'd like to keep the memory - even if faulty.

Meanwhile - thank God my grandfather came to the USA - that's my thanks!!!

That would have been Rote under center for the Green Bays in '55, and I watched that game as well... it was filled with turnovers... but was one of only three the Detroits won (24-10) that season after getting to their third straight League Championship game the year before, and getting swamped by the Clevelands in what was supposed to be Otto Graham's farewell game.

I was never a Rote fan even though he led them to their last championship... in '57, 59-14 over those same Clevelands. He'd taken over from the great Bobby Layne, and that was unforgivable! The next year Layne went to Pittsburgh(!) and two seasons later Rote went to Canada.

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