Uh oh...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uh oh...

Updated 11/21/2008 12:51 pm

...I seem to have punted one, missing the liveliest Westhampton Beach Village Board Work Session in 17 months!

(That would have been the May 2007 meeting where Dep'ty Mayor Jim Kamet­ler was outed as a degenerate and unre­pentant 'possum shootin' cementhead.)

Among other items discussed during the near three-hour meeting were:

  • Sea TV's Bruce Nalepinski and Southampton Town Board's Nancy Graboski came in to explain the production company's demand for funding from the municipalities.
  • The suddenly hot button topic of ampli­fied outdoor music.
  • Hizzoner Robert A. "Gus" Kelly, Jr. and Justice Court Director Leeann Gionta accompanied Dennis Farrell of FBS to pitch a new system of collecting parking fines within the Village.

And no, despite a quip from the audience by former Mayor Bart Wilenski, this is not just another way for Justice Kelly to reduce his work load, rather it would appear to be a solution to start getting the Justice Court "into the black."

(A quick internal audit revealed approxi­mately $62,000 in unpaid parking fines.)

Two who addressed the "amplification" issue were Mr. Wilenski (Starr Boggs is just across Moniebogue Canal from his home) and Erin Finley who is #2 on the list of those who are doing battle with Shock's Elyse Richman... Vil­lage Code Enforcers being #1.

(A belated shout-out to Ms. Richman for her generosity this past Election Day, in providing her fellow polling place workers several gallons to exotic ice creams for dessert following the Town GOP's al­ways thoughtful deli platter... thanks Marcus!)

Ms. Finley, proprietrix of Sydney's (née Weix­elbaum's Market) not unreasonably felt that she was in a untenable position when she tried to lodge noise complaints against a Shock-sponsored amplified band. Responding Police Officers informed her that it was Code Enforce­ment's purview, but since it was on a Sunday, Code Enforcer Bridget Napoli wasn't on duty.

Mrs. Napoli, however, needs to observe/hear the alleged violation first hand in order to issue a citation.

Somewhere along the line Deputy Mayor Kam­etler took the opportunity to remind everyone how well policed the downtown area was when he was still a sworn officer, suggesting that by force of personality and his physical stature, excessive noise complaints were addressed expeditiously and effectively.

(Ah yes, those good ol' days of Commun­ity Policing in Westhampton Beach!)

When Ms Finley made the "Catch 22" point and suggested that the Village Board needed to re­visit their Noise Ordinance legislation, Trustee Joan Levan, who tends to get cranky as meet­ings get longer, delivered what was in essence a "Get over it!" message, the cat spat was on!

(Memo to the Empress of Oneck: it's not too smart to treat Ms. Finley like one of your peons.)

O, and the agenda noted that there would be, at the December Trustees meeting, a "renewal of snow removal contract with Westhampton Dunes," suggesting that they're not buying Mayor Gary Vegliante's explanation that "West Hampton{sic} Dunes" was incorporated in that manner intentionally.

Clearly this was a meeting I should not have missed!


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