Another formative figure gone

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another formative figure gone

Updated 11/21/2008 - 11:14 pm

...being my Cub Scout leader, Dotty Dudley.

I last saw her Election Day and congratulated her on being the first nonagenarian to cast a ballot in the Sunset Avenue Firehouse, having beaten Budd Schulberg into the polling place by an hour or so.

Back in 1950, she was the local Cub Scout Pack leader when her younger son Jay, Hampy Howell and I were all donning blue shirts and yellow kerchiefs and gathering one afternoon a week at the Dudley home on Quiogue.

When it was learned that Jay would no longer be the youngest son, my own mother took over while Dotty finished carrying Rob.

When 20 years later Jay and I founded The Moniebogue Press with Hampy's kid brother Van, and some outrageous idea was discuss­ed... usually at 3:00 am while Van rushed to finish one of his distinctive illustrations... we would often measure the idea against what his mom had instilled in us as Cub Scouts.

It invariably came down to Jay's assessment:

"That's a joke... she's more radical now than any of us. Let's do it!"

I'd've bet that she would have made the cen­tury mark, but that is not to be.

She was a great gal with a marvelous laugh, and we are diminished.


Dottie Dudley's Memorial Service will be held at Westhampton Presbyterian Church, Satur­day, December 13th, 2008 at 2:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The Deacons will host a reception immediately following in Parish Hall.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Ah gee, Dotty Dudley is gone, another old friend. This has been happening all too frequently the past several years. I will miss her too.

I remember fondly those Moniebogue Press days and still have a collection of copies saved for posterity.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I wonder if any of us not-as-oldtimers might get a peek at that posterity collection here on the blog...

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