November Planning Board

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Planning Board

Updated 11/15/2008 - 2:41 pm

Westhampton Beach Planning Board, while finally back to its full compliment of members, was, regrettably, still one shy this evening as new appointee George Lawrence was nowhere in evidence.

(I just would have liked to have snapped a photo of Mr. Lawrence before the mural he conceived and painted for the upper level municipal meeting room.)

In matters before the Board, Bruce Barnet's Patio Gardens III project on eight acres along Montauk Highway between Old Riverhead and Depot Roads, was again held over as there is some disputation over the location of a second access and/or egress point.

(The Village Planner has one idea, and Suffolk County has another as the 48-unit condominium project waits.)

Hampton Synagogue interminable application to convert the Rabbi's single family dwelling to Synagogue offices and a kosher catering hall, was held open 'til the December meeting even though applicant's attorney, Kelly & Hulme, James N. Hulme appearing, have completed their presentation and submissions. The Plan­ning Board wishes to study further the letter from Suffolk County National Bank it has re­ceived concerning the thorny issue of parking.

(In essence the Village would be approv­ing everything Hampton Synagogue has already gone ahead and done.)

Winhaven Realty, LLC., the new owners of the North Malls I and II, further advanced their request for site plan approval of their major renovation and expansion of the property in the B-2 Zoning District.

(Major? We're talkin' adding a second story and the joining of the two buildings to form one long structure. Yes, there will be a significant parking dimension to this application!)

If is is completed in anything like the form presently proposed, and the Muchnicks actual­ly build1 their 39 three-bedroom condos, the North end of the Village is one day going to look impressive.

It won't look much like Westhampton Beach anymore. but that's the price of progress.

  1. They won't. There's no way for them to pro­ceed on their own in this economic climate, and the people to whom they intended to "flip" their project, bailed over a year ago. This is most likely why they're suing the Village in an attempt to recoup some of their expenses to date.


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