Town GOP tosses in the towel

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Town GOP tosses in the towel

While the Suffolk County Board of Elections will not be certifying the results of last Tues­day's elections 'til December 1st, it's all over in Southampton as the Town GOP has conceded that Councilman Dan Russo will not be able to overcome Democrat Sally Pope's lead.

A surprise election night winner on the strength of President-elect Barack Obama's sweeping victory, Ms. Pope held an initial 740 vote lead in the race to fill out the final year of Supervisor Linda Kabot's Council seat on the Town Board.

(Mr. Russo, the third place finisher in last year's Councilmatic elections, was earlier this year appointed by Mrs. Kabot to take her seat.)

However, with the re-canvassing of the ma­chines to be completed and more than 2,600 absentee ballots to be tabulated, the Repub­licans felt that Mr. Russo still had a chance to hang onto his seat on the Town Board.

An early reporting error corrected in favor of Mr. Russo gave fresh hope to the GOP camp.

But by the end of this afternoon's recounting session in Yaphank, with 13 of 42 Election Districts (including Hampton Bays and Sag Harbor) re-canvassed, and the majority of the absentee ballots counted, Ms. Pope still held an almost 700 vote lead, and the GOP quietly conceded the race.

It is not known at this time if Mr. Russo will look to reclaim his seat in a re-match against Councilwoman-elect Pope next Fall.


1. Mike Anthony said...

You're good, Dean!

2. Jeanne Speir said...

"President-elect Barack Obama's sweeping victory."
Words worth repeating...
I voted for Dan Russo though, too.

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