The bucks stop here...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The bucks stop here...

Remnants if Jeanne's day lilies, three feet from the front of the house do the does and fawns!

More deer damage: what's left of Jeanne's day lilies, under the living room windows

Our local deer populace, with only an occasion­al unwary driver to threaten them, has become increasingly emboldened in their forage for sustenance.

Having decimated my wife's plantings in the rear yard, and had their fill of the yews at the end of the driveway, they now feed on her Day Lilies under the dining room and living room windows, not three feet from the house!

Their nocturnal meanderings are notorious, but for the past three years, we see them in the middle of the day as well.

Yes, there is a certain enchantment to seeing that sort of fauna so close to us, but Jeanne (and others) aren't charmed in the slightest by the depredations to the their well-tended flora.


1. William Rodney said...

I'm thinkin' maybe a wire around the whole Village, maybe affixed to the telephone poles, waist high, electrify it, and keep those SOBs out of the Village.

Keep a lot of other SOBs both within and without the Village as well, wouldn't it?

You should perhaps re-think the "waist high" part, doncha think?
– Dean

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