So there's a 'Free Lunch' after all

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So there's a 'Free Lunch' after all

One of the enduring mysteries of this just con­cluded election was why Michael Pitcher didn't demand that The Southampton Press use a different photo of him.

This was one of the subjects with which he was braced when I ran across him last evening out­side Cor J Seafood on Mill Road.

(Michael was my editor for seven years when I wrote for the old "Comical" in the '80s, and still proofs OtBB on oc­casion just to keep his hand in while he works for the Presiding Officer of the Suf­folk County Legislature.)

Vera Chinese's campaign photo of 'William M. Pitcher'

"What was that goofy photo The Press used in your campaign pro­file?!? You looked blasted!"
"You mean where I look like I'd just downed a quart of vodka!"

(Yup! And had a hit from a crackpipe just before the shutter clicked!)

Next subject...
"How was it that you were the only Demo­crat on the East End who couldn't fit on Obama's coattails? "

Candidate William M. Pitcher, who we all knew as "W. Michael Pitcher" from The Press' mast, muttered something about Assemblyman Fred Thiele being impregnable, but then disclosed an unusual upside to his 63.13%-to-36.87% thrashing.

"The other staffers in the P.O.'s office all bet that I wouldn't get 35% against Fred. Each one of them is now buying me lunch for the next week!"

Not that big a loser after all.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Michael's picture is reminiscent of the photo of Lawrence Ferlinghetti that appears in A. Poulin Jr's Contemporary American Poetry. When I first saw the Ferlinghetti portrait and speculated in class as to what he had been drinking and smoking at the time, the professor went on a rant and I dropped the class. It is the only class in college I ever dropped. So much for freedom of speech.

Big sissy! Ya shoulda let the professor finsh, and then asked him what he had been ingesting!

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