November Trustees Meeting

Thursday, November 06, 2008

November Trustees Meeting

Unlike the October Village Board meeting, things of moment actually happened this evening.

Sunset Café's application for outdoor music for the 2008 season (which concluded at the end of September) was fraught with controversy... neighbors complaining, the Building Adminis­trator testifying, the manager attempting to straighten the record, and the Board declining to render a determination since, in the words of Village Attorney Hermon Bishop, "the appli­cation is moot."

(Ahhhh! But wait'll next Spring.)

The Muchnick's finally got their act together, and under the watchful eye of Andrew Cam­panelli, the attorney in their $25 million Fed­eral Civil Rights action, their local counsel, Jim Hulme, made the final Special Exception Use Application for their proposed 39 three-bed­room condos on the West side of Old Riverhead Road.

Mr. Hulme, with the finish line in sight, made a strong presentation, adroitly covering all the Special Exception Use bases without faltering once. It was good to see what Mr. Hulme can do when he does his homework.

A neighbor from Patio Villas to the South, Carol Matthews, spoke in support of approving the project, making the point that what was being proposed would be a significant improvement over what was currently existing.

The Board then unanimously approved the Special Exception Use application, and what happens next is entirely up to the Muchnicks and attorney Campanelli.

With all their approvals in place, it will be in­teresting to see if the developer proceeds, or sits back and hopes that Judge Arthur D. Spatt doesn't throw out their 1983 Civil Rights Action on a motion by Westhampton Beach's Special Counsel, David Arntsen.

A number of resolutions were passed, includ­ing one to bolster the roster of the Village Police Department with the appointment of Mark Yakaboski as a Provisional Officer. This was long overdue and it looked for a moment that there was going to be some resistance, but it passed despite Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler's impersonation of an angry guppy, and Trustee Hank Tucker's hesitation.

What didn't pass cleanly was the confirmation of two new members of the Planning Board, Sundy Schermeyer having resigned effective immediately.

(Mrs. Schermeyer, who also serves as Southampton Town Clerk, likely saw this week's Republican blood-letting as a sign that she's going to have to devote a great deal of time to getting re-elected next November.)

New member George Lawrence's appointment to the Planning Board went without a hitch, but that of Patricia DiBenedetto, recently prominent as an activist opposition to the Oakland Farms subdivision on Quiogue, saw the Deputy Mayor abstain, and Trustee Joan Levan turn her haughty thumb down!

(Someone, it seems, has incurred the dis­pleasure of the Empress of Oneck.)

But the good news is that the Planning Board, while lacking in experience... Dave Reilly is now its senior member... once again has a full compliment.

In a startling move, the Village Board referred the Hampton Synagogue's Special Exception application to the Planning Board.

Queried about this, Attorney Bishop ex­plain­ed that this was some "paper shuffling" to ad­­dress a technical defect in the application which has been calendared by the Planning Board since January 2003.

O, and the Westhampton Beach Police Depart­ment is getting a Dodge Durango 4X4 for the bargain price of $30,517.37!

A productive meeting!


1. Angel Face 13 said...

Personally I always thought Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler impersonated a "blow fish."

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