Good Gal, That Pope!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good Gal, That Pope!

Talking a page from Tim Laube's Post-Election Playbook, Southampton Town Councilwoman-Elect Sally Pope had people out taking down her campaign signs this morning.

(Yeah, I know... Laube promised "the next day," but Ms. Pope is the only one, at this writing, policing her signage.)

The Democrat from Remsenburg is to be com­mended for her quick attention to this usually over-looked detail.

Mrs. Schiavoni and Messrs. Bishop, DeMayo, Russo and Zeldin please copy.


1. William Rodney said...

She's smart. She is going to need them again in six months.

Why? Is Linda Kabot dissolving the Town Council and declaring open elections?

2. William Rodney said...

Not quite, homeboy. Kabot's Town Council seat expires December '09, and Pope has to run again for it.

Good catch! Let's see how well Ms. Pope does without the long coat tails... Janet Beck could have won against Linda Kabot head-to-head this week!
– Dean

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