Big Day at the Polls

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Big Day at the Polls

...and one big local shock to go with it.

Basically, it came down to "Who'da thunk Barack Obama's coattails extended long enough to carry Sally Pope past Dan Russo?!?"

From the little I've seen of the candidate her­self, I'm not sure that even she believed it.

The DeMayo/Schiavoni contest was another thing all together... the long-sitting Justice probably couldn't have kept his seat against the hard campaigning, soft-speaking Mrs. Schiavoni with Ronald Reagan seeking a second term at the head of the GOP ticket.

The truth of the matter, withstanding his Suffolk County Bar Association "Qualified" rating, Tom got his butt stomped like a rodent cornered in a dumpster.

And for Congressional hopeful Lee Zeldin, thank you for your service but as it probably has occurred to you by now, this was not a good year to run an "I'm a Vet" campaign.

So, just how long were the Obama coattails?

None of the above cited races were decided by any third party endorsements... the Democratic lines alone carried the races.

To be continued....


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