I fear for the Republic...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I fear for the Republic...

What will we do to our country?

...as well as whatever's left of democracy.


1. Paramarine said...

Maybe we'll see each other at a reeducation camp.

2. William Rodney said...

...you're kidding me, right?

3. Rob F. said...

It has been said-- rightly, I think--that we get the government we deserve.

May God have mercy on us.

4. Matlynn Carville said...

Your remarkable "Bobby" post revealed an idealistic and young sensibility, admirably recalled--NOT forgotten. I realize as one ages the vision tunnels, and personal passions become as concrete as the plaque in your black heart!

Please realize the hero of your relative youth would never have supported many of your current positions on any level! RFK was nothing if not Left of center. Take a deep breath and let's see what happens next, Speir.

After the last eight years of yellow- fluid- "tinkle down" economics, Americans are willing to risk quite a bit to stabilize the nation.

5. Jeanne Speir said...

How about that Patriot Act? How 'bout that bail out? How bout that ten billion dollar a month "invasion(never declared war) on terror? How about the ever expanding power of the Executive branch? How about those humiliating cow-like strip searches and confiscations before boarding airplanes? Do you fellas have any sense of how close we are to having the current government tell us "vhat ve vill do" because "they know better?" A change will do us good.

6. Jeanne Speir said...

I also respectfully invoke Godwin's Law on your artwork above.

7. Barry Stein said...

I find your artwork highly offensive. If you feel it is acceptable to use a swastika in the Obama logo then you really exhibit no sense of judgement and you actually deserve another 8 years of the awful Republican government we have just (deservedly) kicked back into the trenches. Shame on you.

Coupla things you probably missed while you were in the process of being offended (Tough!), starting with that no one deserved most of the last eight years. So shame on you for your single-minded myopia and pants-wetting sensibilities.
– Dean

8. Mike Anthony said...


For all the rhetoric for and against Barack, he'll govern as a centrist.

We shall see....

9. Tony Joe Berk said...

My streak is OVER!! First time in 5 Presidential elections my canidate{sic} WON!!

Enjoy your "victory," and imagine that it was your vote which put him over the top.

(You actually voted for Bush41, Dole, Gore and Kerry? What sort of life-altering event occurred to you ten years ago?!?)

10. Tugboat Bertha said...

Did you see the NRA E-mail today? The Obama transition team has taken an agenda straight from the anti-gun lobby. You were right, Dean. We will see what he does next. Since Obama deceived us on this issue, there will be others.

I hate being right about things like this!

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