Why are we not surprised?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why are we not surprised?

Item from 27East.com:

"The developer of a hotel and conference center proposed for Riverside since 2001 has filed a $25 million federal civil rights lawsuit against Southampton Town...."

Hmmmmmn! "$25 million federal civil rights lawsuit."

In the fourth paragraph, a familiar name:

"...attorney Andrew Campanelli of the Mineola-based firm Campanelli and Associates LLP...."

Campanelli... Campanelli... it rings a bell.


1. Hampton West said...

Didn't even have to read the article any further to know who the lawyer was. You think he could be more creative and come up with a new number.

This has been discussed, and it may be that $25 million is a statutary limitation.

Or it could just be that Mr. Campanelli's 1983 Action forms are all just pre-filled with that figure.
– Dean

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Even if all of Campanelli's $25 million lawsuits get thrown out of court, his clients still have to pay him his fee don't they? So, for Campanelli it is a win-win situation isn't it?

While I have no idea of Mr. Campanelli's fee arrangement, I wouldn't call it "win-win" so much as a lucrative specialization.

3. Angel Face 13 said...

Tugboat Bertha, no. They are paid on a contingency basis. 1/3 of money (usually) received is paid for his fee and before even a check is given to the winning party.

I think what Tuggy was saying that if the plaintiff doesn't win, there's no award to divvy up... no tickee, no shirtee!

I'd be surprised astonished if there isn't a retainer paid.
– Dean

4. Hampton West said...

He has another one - but for $32mil. A bar owner in Amityville (see today's on line Newsday.

Found it:
Amityville bar owner sues
village, charging racism
Well, it answers the question of whether $25 million is a statutory limitation.

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