October Trustees Meeting

Thursday, October 02, 2008

October Trustees Meeting

Updated 10/06/2008 - 02:36 pm

Ah, these off-peak Village Board meetings... as Estragon tells Vladimir in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot:"

"No one comes, no one goes. It's horrible."

(Well, the Board itself probably doesn't think it's all that awful, and may even prefer a near-empty audience.)

Once again what business there was, was transacted quickly, and the only two features of note were the Public Hearing on West­hampton Beach Associates LLC Special Exception, and the performance by Beach Bakery's Simon Jorna during the Public Discussion portion of the meeting.

When the first item was called from the pub­lished calendar, no one declared for the applicant... rather surprising since Robert Muchnick himself was sitting in the back row.

Village Clerk Kathleen McGinnis stated that, unlike the evening's two prior applications, the required proofs of mailing had been received from the Muchnick's attorney, Jim Hulme.

Still nothing.

Spotting the younger Muchnick slouching in the rear, the Board asked him if he was going to proceed with his application.

He responded with purposeful indifference:

"Nah... you guys go ahead and do whatever you're gonna do."

(The Muchnicks, pere et fils, have filed a $25 million Federal Civil Rights lawsuit of dubious merit against anyone in Vill­age Government1 even remotely involved in the West­hampton Beach Associates application.)

Despite Village Attorney Hermon Bishop's very clear instruction that the Village Board could not unilaterally proceed on the application, the cocky Muchnick stuck to his passive position. A motion was carried to hold the hearing over while, presumably, some of his high-priced legal talent explains the facts of life to him.

Later Mr. Jorna read a prepared statement to the Village Board complaining that the munici­pality has repeatedly failed to act on his mag­nanimous offer of a "free" parking lot behind his Main Street properties.

Taking verbal shots at former Village officials Mayor Bob Strebel, Planning Board Chairman Kurt Hofmann and Attorney Richard T. Haefeli as well as current Village Planner Kyle Collins, Mr. Jorna got through his lengthy gripe with­out ever once mentioning that there was a quid pro quo attached to his offer.

His price?

He wants to totally raze the former "Gloria's" and build a larger store in the same location... while retaining the pre-existing, non-conform­ing rights the "historic" building now enjoys.

Not done, young man, not done!

It's not permitted as a matter of law, and this was explained to you on numerous occasions during the previous Administration.

No one on the current Village Board seemed to be aware of the underlying details of Mr. Jorna's proposal... once again revealing the present Administration's lack of institutional knowledge.

  1. Little wonder the Village is having a problem finding someone to fill the open seat on the Planning Board left by Barbara Ramsay's resignation. Gee, maybe they shouldn't have been so quick to dump Victor Levy over petty political pique.


1. William Rodney said...

Is the bakery being "historic" mean that it can not be touched or is it simply "historic" from your perspective?

There is no such official designation attached, but from this and others' perspective, it's certainly a local landmark structure, and if plans to raze it were ever approved, it would be distressing.

Not that there's enough of us left to form a significant march down Main Street with pitchforks and burning fagots, but there would be some grumbling among the natives.
– Dean

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