Return to The Sandwich Club

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Return to The Sandwich Club

One of my most closely-held precepts is "Al­ways challenge one's own perceptions,"

Last week when Shep Scheinberg asked "What about The Sandwich Club?," I responded:

"Last time I went there English was a second language, an illegal 'convenience store' was being operated out of the NorthWest corner, and nothing seemed especially appetizing."

And although a local gal openly agreed with my assessment, it bothered me that I might have missed some new information, so Friday I revisited The Sandwich Club for a late lunch.

The unpermitted "convenience store" is still in operation, English isn't just a second lan­guage, it seems to be the only tongue spoken, and gringos don't appear to be welcome.

(I stood quietly, ignored by two counter staffers, as they finished serving others ahead of me, and had to speak up when the young gal started with a second per­son who'd come in after me. After com­plet­ing my order, she tossed it onto a corner of the counter and went on to someone else while my meal sat there for several minutes before her male co-worker deigned to hand it over and take my money.)

That meal, a two-piece fried chicken combo with fries... they were out of potato wedges... and a 16-ounce no-name serve-yourself beverage, was $5.00, tax included.

The fries were good, the drink indifferent and the "Chester" fried chicken a tad on the dry side.

But the batter must be laced with MSG or something similar because I was still parched five hours later.

Based on the foregoing, I don't think my assessment of last week was unfair or dated.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Indeed, Dean, we found The Sandwich Club lately to be exactly as you described. The grilled cheese sandwiches there used to be the best, but the last time we were there we suffered the language barrier and the grilled cheese sandwiches we received were inedible. We have returned to Eckart's with gratitude and noted that their service was swift and their grilled cheese sandwich delightful. Also, they are always glad to see us and that makes the meal even more enjoyable.

2. Gordie Howe said...

Good Morning Dean...

All this food talk has me heading to Gabreski Airport for Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Grilled Tomatoes at the cafe.


Haven't been there since it was Belle's. Loved her Cajun Omelet.

3. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

Lo siento. I have eaten at The Sandwich Club three times this Summer. Twice, the chicken. You have accurately reviewed it. On those two occasions, I was treated very nicely by an older woman working behind the counter. On my last visit I ordered the soup, which was very flavorful. However, I did not feel as welcome as on the previous visits.

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