The Clint Identity

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Clint Identity

Conflicted Clint? A composite graphic.

Where does Clint Greenbaum's mem­bership on the Board of Education stop, and that of the Eruv Com­mittee start?

Or what of the line between Interfaith Council emissary and plain ol' garden-variety private resident?

When he makes public statements of advoca­cy, or broad­casts E-mails, in what capacity... his disclaimers not withstanding... does he actually serve?

Although Mr. Greenbaum may assert:

"Clint is a Westhampton Beach School Board member, but this e-mail reflects his personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the board or its other individual members."

...he is still utilizing the gravitas of his elected position.

(And that's something the School Board is going to have to address on their own... this isn't just about E-mails urging vot­ers to pass school budgets and library and school bonds anymore.)

Exactly which headgear is he wearing occurred to some when Mr. Green­baum, at the head of the room with others on the Eruv Committee during WEEEF, trotted out an anecdote, the sole purpose of which seem­ed to be to estab­lish the fact that he was a member of the Westhampton Beach Board of Education.

Other subsequent events served to focus on exactly how Mr. Greenbaum was conducting his Pro-Activity, none more so than the Letter to The Editor in this week's Southampton Press Western Edition ("Card Game," A13) over the signatures of Garcia and Charles Gottesmann.

It described a visitation by Mr. Greenbaum to their Main Street business to question the two gentlemen about their prior week's Letter, one which Mr. Greenbaum perceived as being in opposition to the eruv.

In a brief interview, Garcia Gottesmann told OtBB:

"I was offended by his questions and partic­ularly his assumptions. We said what we had to say in our letter. What business does he have to come question us?"

(Among other things, Mr. Greenbaum is reported by Garcia Gottesmann to have used the phrase "closet Jews," whatever that means!)

In whatever guise he goes about... save that of "father" in which, by all reports, he excels... he has alienated local Christians by comparing them to Jim Crow racists in his first Letter to The Press, he offended African-Americans by comparing the eruv issue to the Civil Rights movement, and he has now alienated gays and lesbians by assuming certain people are gay and comparing their struggles to the struggles involving the eruv.

One ("straight") correspondent stated:

"His supposed 'closet' remarks were par­ticularly distasteful."

The irony here is that the prime mover behind the eruv seems to be Mr. Greenbaum... while he is not Orthodox, apparently his wife is, and observes.

It's going to be an uphill struggle for the eruv at this point, and Rabbi Marc Schneier and Mr. Greenbaum have mostly themselves to hold responsible for that.

There's never been much question about who the Rabbi is, and where his interest lies.

The same may not be said of Mr. Greenbaum.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

What next? "The Greenbaum Ultimatum" followed by "The Greenbaum Supremacy?"

Ho ho! Good catch.

But if it ever gets to that, we're all in big trouble.

2. William Rodney said...

...he is out of line advocating for a school budget as NYS school law prohibits advocacy, pro or con, by a school board member.

I have attended board meetings where Greenbaum has proposed making special education a "profit center" for WHB by increasing scope and charging the feeder districts for services.

Newly elected school board members are given New York State School Law in book form, I suggest he dust off his copy and read it.

By the way, pretty tricky photo.

It is less a "photo" than a graphic... this is stated when a cursor is held over that image.

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