Kudos to Jessica DiNapoli...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kudos to Jessica DiNapoli...

...for her truly top notch reportage on the much-referenced, little understood "Tenafly Eruv Case."

Ms. DiNapoli, one of the new kids on the beat, took heat here for some sloppy reporting and fact-checking when she first went to work for The Southampton Press Western Edition.

(Her Editor, Frank Costanza, subsequently stepped up and gallantly took the hit on those "editing errors.")

But as she's gotten more accustomed to the vagaries of small village reportage1, her stories have shown the type of skill and professional­ism that suggests that she'll be on to bigger and better things before too long.

The "Tenafly battle resonates in Westhampton Beach" story is an important one, for it not only gives readers an accurate history of what happened in that New Jersey municipality, but provides perspectives from attorneys on both sides of that seven-year legal battle over a proposed eruv.

Critically, it puts the lie to the bandied about notion that Tenafly Eruv Association, Inc. v. The Borough of Tenafly was anything about the separation of church and state, or that the case established an eruv as a civil right!2

Good work, Jessica! That story has got to be a New York State Press Association Better News­paper Award-winner next Spring!

  1. She early on noted that "covering the Hamp­tons" was a major change from the upstate municipality where she'd cut her teeth cover­ing "drive-by shootings and crack ho's."
  2. My own reading of the Tenafly Decision sure looks like it was decided on the basis of "selective enforcement." But then I'm not a lawyer.


1. William Rodney said...

Great reporting, could be one of the best ever in the paper's history.

2. Hampton West said...

Where's Anne Nowak when we need her?

She quit the newspaper business 20+ years ago, went to law school, then went over to the Dark Side.

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