How the Village is being marketed...

Friday, August 29, 2008

How the Village is being marketed...

...and it's equal parts what others are saying and where it is being said and read.

As posited last Spring, the increasingly con­tentious eruv issue has spread well beyond the greater Westhampton area:

Those are just from the first page of a Google search on the title... the list goes on!

Essentially, the "story" is one written by a Ben Harris, syndicated by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and reprinted around the world.

It is instructive to note that the only quotes in the "story" are by Rabbi Marc Schneier and those lifted from Karl Grossman's (also syndi­cated) piece in The Southampton Press on former Deputy Mayor Tim Laube's announced exodus from Westhampton Beach.

Most instructive of all is that nowhere in Harris' report does the Rabbi accept any responsibility for the tenor of the conflict.

Now, tell us again, Rabbi Schneier, about that "hand of friendship" you've been extending.


1. Maskil said...

None of this is surprising, but it's not necessarily anti-Semitic. The same battles go on here in Israel.

The facts are that Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews can easily practice their religion without an erev. An eruv is nothing but a rationalization for them to act as Reform and Orthodox Jews act while still claiming they're somehow superior.

In Israel, that's often led to a significant change in a neighborhood, as it slowly becomes controlled by ultra-orthodox Jews who demand that the majority assimilate to their minority fanatical practices.

There are many reasons for Jews to be opposed to an eruv, mainly to protect the freedom of the majority of Jews. By focusing on a few (real or imaginary) anti-Semites opposed to the eruv, the proponents wish to avoid the fact that there are many reasons why Jews may not wish for an eruv to be declared.

You seem to be taking the position of some of the area's anti-eruvians: an eruv is an Orthodox work-around, a "rule-beater."
– Dean

2. WHBYankee said...

I agree, an eruv seems like cheating to me. If you can't follow the rules of your religion, maybe it's time to amend the rules or to choose a new religion?

3. BettyBoo said...

I live outside the Village, so my opinion does not hold much water, but... is anyone else out there becoming opposed to this eruv only because it has become painted with the anti-Semitic label? Frankly, I'm offended that holding the opinion that this is NOT a civil right makes me anti-Semitic.

A point well-taken, Madam.

Just for openers, how do Rabbi Schneier and his hatchet heavy Clint Greenbaum reconcile that opprobrious label with the increasing number of the Jewish faith who are steadfastly against the eruv. (A number of which are apparently coalescing to retain counsel to oppose the request.)

Or are they all, as Clint Greenbaum is reported by Garcia Gottesmann to have referred to them, "closet Jews?" (Whatever that means!)

I think a professionally performed survey would reveal that more people are opposed to the Rabbi's actions in the matter than the original request to establisn an eruv.
– Dean

4. Matlynn Carville said...

Geez, why did JTA have to use what looks like a Photoshopped, cut and pasted "good buddy" Paterson-Schneier shot? Paterson looks like he's missing his Palestinian checked turban!

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