Town Justices Debate

Friday, August 29, 2008

Town Justices Debate

Updated 08/29/2008 - 5:38 pm

For those who missed the poorly promoted Southampton Town Justice Candidates Forum last Monday, it's being cablecast on Channel 22.

The event, featuring incumbent Tom DeMayo and previously unsuccessful candidate Andrea Schiavoni, was overseen by the no-nonsense League of Women Voters of the Hamptons.

The schedule for the remainder of this month:

  • Friday, August 29 at 3:45 pm
  • Saturday, August 30 at 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, August 31 at 10:00 pm

Other cablecasts are projected during Sep­tem­ber... check the schedule on the Southampton Town site.

Le Critique

Ms. Schiavoni came off very well... articulate, knowledgeable and appealing, with impressive credentials to perhaps offset her opponent's significant advantage in bench experience.

The Justice DeMayo I've known personally and professionally for over 30 years never showed up 'til half way through the Forum, and then he kicked in and, most importantly, allowed himself to be heard, his strong voice overcom­ing his reluctance to sit up straight and speak into the microphone. He finished strongly.

Handicapping the Primaries

Both candidates are vying for the three top in­dependent lines... Conservative, Independence and Working Families... on Primary Day, Sep­tember 9th. Ms. Schiavoni was selected over Justice DeMayo by screening committees of all three parties, while the incumbent was forced to go the petition route in order to chal­lenge his challenger in the three primaries.

It's going to be a tough row to hoe for Republi­can Justice DeMayo... many of the approxi­mately 2060 registrants eligible to vote in one of those three primaries, are members who for one reason or another have rejected affiliation with either of the two major parties.

And many of those are especially resentful of the GOP for its long and sometimes arrogant strangle-hold on elected office in Southampton Town. This bodes well for the lady's chances in both September and November.


1. Specialist said...

Maybe they should have a Village Justice debate. This way anybody who knows Justice Kelly is not set free because he knows them. There have been several occasions where Kelly knows people and instead of stepping aside, he just let's them go... no wonder the Village court system operates in the red.

He is as bad as the rest of them.

We don't need a change, we need the Feds to step in and say: "No more!"

What's going on in the court is worse then what's going in in Village Hall. Border line criminals... all of them!

Well, now you have me... I haven't been clocking the Village Justice Court since it moved off Sunset Avenue.

I do know that former Mayor Bob Strebel turned down Gus Kelly's request for a raise because his was "the only Court on the East End running at a deficit," but I was unaware that this was still the case.

I am aware that Justice Kelly has requested that fines for various parking violation be increased... this will be a resolution at the September Village Board meeting... and that he was supposed to address the Board at the Work Session last week but didn't show. He wants his offices moved out of the basement.

Don't know why the "Feds" would consider getting involved, and going the route of the State Investigations Commissions didn't prove productive a dozen years ago.

And for a "debate," it would require a challenging candidate, and there hasn't been one of them since almost 30 years ago when Gus Kelly's dad beat sitting Justice Tom Beasley, executing an election strategy similar similar to the one by which Gair Betts bested Richard Agins in West Hampton{sic} Dunes this past June.

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