Beach Minyan Profiled

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beach Minyan Profiled

Updated 8/27/2008 - 2:28 pm this week's South­amp­ton Press Western Edition.

(Yes, it's the same house of Worship dis­cussed here over a month ago.)

An early look at the Jessica DiNapoli's article is available on, and one item in par­ticular demands comment.

"There have been at least four complaints about the Beach Minyan filed by Quiogue resident Irene Barrett, who does not live in Westhampton Beach."

Why is the Village taking complaints from a non-resident nutburger like Irene Barrett, and expending municipal resources to support her agenda?

This is a shameful allocation of taxpayer money and should cease forthwith and with a right good will.

If Ms. Barrett and her Christian Citizen Council klavern want to conduct a pogrom, let them fund it themselves.


1. Susan said...

Isn't it "pogrom?"

Of course it is! I think that entry got caught in the switches between me'n'my spell-checker!

Thank you so much!

2. 'amme said...

One of the decisive factors would be whether or not the Jessup Lane home that was rented this summer by Cape Town-born Rabbi Eli Popack pays property taxes.

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