Once again...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Once again...

Link Updated 10/24/2008 - 07:50 am

...Newsday presumes to know what is best for Westhampton Beach with their Op-Ed column of yesterday.

Written by a clearly biased and just as clearly ill-informed Robert G. Sugarman, "Eruv will be good for community" never once addresses what has emerged as the over-riding local issue: Rabbi Marc Schneier's making himself the focus of the request for a municipal proc­lamation, instead of the eruv itself.

Mr. Sugarman:

"Some argue that the eruv will create an Orthodox Jewish enclave in Westhampton Beach. While I think we all must reject such nativist thinking...."

Great! Another pundit with no sense of what has actually transpired in the Village this month, casually dismissing what had... and still remains for many... a very real concern.

(But I'll happily sign onto the concept of "nativist thinking" and stand with any­one else against the condescension of Mr. Sugarman who might be astounded to learn that we have indoor plumbing out here.)

So just how ill-informed is Mr. Sugarman?

"Hopefully, members of the community will become informed and learn...."

A great many of them attempted to do just that, but were turned away by the arrogance of the Rabbi and a grievous miscalculation by the Synagogue's Eruv Committee that evening.

One assertion of note:

"No, it is an accommodation that does not involve the expenditure of taxpayer money or require any government interference or entanglement with, or endorsement of, any particular religion."

That's odd. The word "accommodation" was, I believe, first used in this matter back in April by then Planning Board member Victor Levy, and it seemed very much le mot juste.

At WEEEF, Rabbi Schneier and the others were very definite that the granting of the eruv was not "an accommodation."

So many people are so "out-of-synch" on this business.


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