Look what's finally arrived...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look what's finally arrived...

Updated 08/26/2008 - 9:56 am

...at 28 Library Avenue!

What was once:

28 Library Avenue, afternoon of Friday, May 2nd


28 Library Avenue, afternoon of Monday, - May 12th

...is now:

28 Library Avenue, afternoon of Monday, August 25th

...and Westhampton Free Library's transition to their 5,040 square foot temporary modular quarters should commence shortly.

According to Library Director Matthew Boller­man, the doors at 5 Library Avenue will be "closing Sep­tember 5th," with packing to start the next day.

"We hope to open in the temporary facility September 22nd."

Tain't purdy, but it should be serviceable for the projected 18 months... or however long... that the WFL raze'n'rebuild $7,827,820 pro­ject takes.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

It has been said that construction jobs take twice as long to complete as the original projections and cost twice as much as the original estimate. And while this unnecessary project is taking place what will be the traffic problems? There never was an environmental impact statement on this project, or was there? And at this point, it is "all systems go" regardless of the problems that ensue because of it. I hope you can put a happy spin on this subject that adds some good cheer to it.

Es no my yob to sugar-coat anything. I leave it to OtBB's readers to add perspective.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

The location of this very likely formaldehyde-ridden, flimsy Katrina super trailer puts our books in the direct path of hurricane flooding. Recall the 1938 pictures with Raynor's Garage under nine feet of water.

Additionally, if it takes, say, four years to build the new library we can't afford, think of all the current toddlers denied their storytime. They'll be literate and competent without it, on their PCs, E-mailing Clint Greenbaum back about how they were denied a quality childhood. Why? Because their parents voted in favor of this library in response to his illegal(?) use of the school district's private E-mail lists, and authorized a big structure contrary to all indications of future information technology's spatial needs.

They were duped.

Just tell Joan Levan her anachronistic legacy project only ruins an exquisite historical building.

Willikers! If OtBB ever opens to "Guest Bloggers," you might be one of the first!

But one point of clarification: it has not been established that Board of Education member Greenbaum has done anything illegal; District Superintendent Lynn Schwartz has asserted that no Board member has access to student family's E-dresses. (This, however, hasn't answered the question asked by several as to how they came to be on Mr. Greenbaum's E-distribution list.)

I do think a case can be made against Mr. Greenbaum's questionable practice of associating his involvement with the Board of Ed in his non-school activities... witness his non-sequitur anecdote at WEEEF.

It's up to the school district, though, to rein him in or perhaps censure him.
– Dean

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