Downtown Saturday Night

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Downtown Saturday Night

The biggest difference between now and the mid-'80s is that I just don't go out much any­more, especially on a Saturday night!

I reflected on this as we walked downtown to meet some friends for some ice cream after their dinner at Margarita Grille.

The place was a maelström of young and older adults interspersed with roaming bands of awkward adolescents... the sidewalks in cen­terville were almost impassable. That hasn't changed!

I know the difference in me between now and then, but in the downtown DMZ?

Of course, a bookstore and a bank now stand in place of the mighty Marakesh.

Otherwise, it's that the music is live, and if there's still cocaine around, the users are much more discreet.


1. rburg said...

Main Street WHB is back to where it belongs - a happy and fun place for families and friends. What I remember as a kid in the early '70s. Drove down the main street on a Saturday night about a month ago and was impressed by what I saw. This is come from someone who refused to go East of Pontuck Lane for years. The renovations on the Hampton Arts have made a big difference as well.

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