In Praise of Pathmark

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Praise of Pathmark

...specifically the Patchogue Route 112 store.

Acting on a tip from her nephew Alex, on one of her her thrice-weekly ways home from the City, my wife took a chance on picking up a whole fried chicken.

At $5.99 ($8.99 without the "bonus card") the flier on that fryer was a great move.

Prepared as I recall fried chicken from my youth, it's moist, meaty and most satisfying.

My contrast, what is available from the local Waldbaum's... presently the only game in town... is by late afternoon dried out, not at all appetizing, and indifferently seasoned.

(While the higher volume of customer traffic in Patchogue likely keeps prepared foods fresher, if someone were rethink the local Deli section practices and make less fried chicken earlier in the day and then prepare more as demand dictates, they might find they are remaindering, or tossing, less later.)

Fried Chicken seems to have lost favor 'round these parts... long gone is Juicy Jamison's famous "Yard Bird" of 70-85 years ago, and the celebrated "Chicken in the Straw" of his spiritual successor, Sherman Patterson, in the '60s and early '70s at what is now Joe Milo's.

There was even a place on Montauk Highway called "Chicken on the Run" 35-45 years ago, mostly, as the name suggests, for take-out.

Sadly, there's no place around that one associ­ates with fried chicken any longer... unless one heads over to Spicy's in Riverhead. But that's notable more for their yellow mustard and vin­egar-based "dippin' sauce" than how they sea­son the batter for the crust.

So Pathmark's the place for us for the best fried chicken experience... they really do "do it right!" (Or at least how we like it.)


1. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

What about The Sandwich Club?

Indeed, Shep, What about it?!?

When Larry ran it, and for a time thereafter, the Chester Breaster Club with Potato Wedges and a Root Beer was a great lunch value, and with the "hot onions" condiment, very tasty!

Then the new guy put the price up and stopped making the "hot onions" available... and had a personality like an over-cooked squid.

Last time I went there English was a second language, an illegal "convenience store" was being operated out of the NorthWest corner, and nothing seemed especially appetizing.

If they were still offering the Chester Breaster fried chicken, I didn't notice it.
– Dean

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Don't know if they still have it, but on the South side of Montauk Highway in East Quogue there's a deli (Michaels?) that sold excellent "broasted chicken."

3. Jerry Steiner said...

Ahhhhh... how I yearn for the many meals I had devoured at Sherman's... best chicken and ribs in the Northern hemisphere. Pathmark?!?! Discratsia{sic} Dean!!!!!

Feel the love... Ice cold beer... Jerry

Jerry, you maniac! Do a Web search of "Pathmark" and "Fried Chicken."

4. Eliza Doolittle said...

I agree about The Sandwich club. It used to be a great place to pick up dinner on the way home. The "stuff" at Waldbaum's is disgusting, I nearly broke a tooth and clogged an artery all at once. When the craving comes along, it's worth the trip out to KFC.

Well, "The Colonel," with the gas surcharge factored in, isn't the good deal it once was.
– Dean

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