Second Time Around

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Second Time Around

08/22/2008 - 11:45 am

The third time, it is said, is a charm, but with us, restaurants rarely ever get a second strike. I mean, why bother?!

But the dining out experience in Westhampton Beach isn't as broad for us as it once was... Milo's changed its identity as well as its menu, Finn McCool's let that maniac Gordon Ramsay take the Bangers'n'Mashed off its bill o'fare, and for a variety of reasons... some personal, some political... other local eateries are no longer acceptable.

Why we no longer "eat Chinese" locally was to be the subject of another entry, but the DA's Political Corruption Unit moves slowly, #1, and, #2, this evening's experience may have changed that.

We had tried Tony's Asian Fusion on Sunset Avenue when it first opened several years ago, and our impression was enough on the down­side of "indifferent" that we hadn't returned.

(The food wasn't very good, but it may have been that the establishment was still in its "shakedown cruise" stage.)

But desperate times... $4+/gallon for gas, my wife's prohibition on importing a Firehouse crumbly sausage pizza more than once a Sum­mer... require reconsideration, so we thought to give Tony's a second shot.

Good plan!

There's been food there going back half-a-century... Bud and Lillian Leimsidor ran a luncheonette on that site before they turned it into The Music Mart, and there were some decent Italian restaurants (Il Piccolo Pomo) in the '70s and '80s before Starr's temporarily relocated there... and it's far from the ideal "room" for a fine dining ambiance.

It still needs the services of an acoustics ex­pert to quiet the place down, but based on this evening's visit, there's nothing wrong with the kitchen!

(We eschewed the Japanese and stayed on the Thai and Chinese side of the menu... neither of us are big on little vegetables that will burn through a bank vault door or uncooked little finny things that were still frolicking in the sea that very morning!)

Jeanne, on my recommendation since she left home without her reading glasses, was de­lighted with the Thai Masaman Curry, the thin slices of chicken seemingly cooked only by the temperature of the sauce.

(She also enjoyed the warmed Sake as a beverage while I quaffed a pair of Coors Lights.)

I took a stab at the nicely-presented Chinese Orange-flavored Chicken and al dente broccoli, and was richly rewarded.

(I'll beg off further description... Barbara Rader or Gael Greene I'm not!)

For dessert we shared a wonderful and generous chocolate-covered gelato delicacy, and rolled home with our taste-buds still a-tremble.

A tad on the pricey side for the venue... the dollar amounts on the Web-posted menu are either w-a-a-a-y out of date or for "off-sea­son..." we were out of there for under $75, tax and tip compris.

And for those concerned that OtBB is headed in a different direction, not to worry... it's just that a break from the Rabbi and the eruv was deemed appropriate.


1. The Quiogue Kid said...

I used to buy my 45 records at The Music Mart... back in the days of the locals vs. the summer people... seemingly tame compared to today's problems.

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

I used to visit Lil at the Music Mart. She was better than going to a shrink and a lot cheaper. Talking to her was as if my mother was alive again to encourage me to keep on going. And did anyone but me ever notice how much Bud looked like Rodney Dangerfield?

Nice, nice people... they catered my sister's wedding in 1960.

Bud had the patience of Job. He was taken way too soon.

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