But that it were true...

Monday, August 18, 2008

But that it were true...

Updated 08/19/2008 - 9:51 am

From Hamptons.com's report on WEEEF:

"Yet, still others wondered if the Eruv was really worth all the disruption within the village – hateful e-mails sent to the syna­gogue, angry meetings with residents storming out, and a former deputy mayor, Jim Kametler, who claims he is moving out of the village over the tension he has experienced."

If reporter Kelly Carroll has a better wire into the Village than OtBB, she has a major "scoop."

A correction, of course, is anticipated, but given Hampton.com News Editor Christine Bellini's response to an E-mail citing the mis-identification of the relocating individual and other factual errors, don't hold dinner on that account.


1. 'amme said...

What do you mean by a "former Deputy Mayor?" NIMBY!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

I thought it was Laube moving out of the area, not Kametler. This is a new twist indeed.

[Le sigh]

Of course it's Laube and not Kametler... someone can't tell their "Deputy Mayors" without a scorecard.

3. WHBYankee said...

Aahhhh, if only we were so lucky.

Just so....

4. Frank Wheeler said...

Ha! That's a photo of you in a yamulke on Hamptons.com, isn't it! You're always talking about full disclosure - when were you going to disclose that you are Jewish? Is that why you're supporting the eruv?

Ah, but I'm not Jewish… born in Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, and [tmi alert!] except for the little matter of the circumcision, that's where it ended. I wore the yarmulke (preferred spelling) because I thought it a courtesy, it having been handed to me on my previous visit to hear Governor Paterson speak.

I supported the eruv because I learned what it is, and what it isn't... without any "education" from the Rabbi, thank you!... and I thought is was the right thing to do at no "cost" to the Village.

I'm still trying to be supportive of the eruv, but the Rabbi's making it v-e-r-y difficult. It's time for the Hampton Synagogue's congregants to let their leader know that his massive ego is killing their chances, and alienating the community.

5. Specialist said...

For a split second I became flush, faint and nearly fell over. Could it be all that all the pennies I threw in the ocean have finally led to the miracle wish come true. DAMN... oh well maybe next time. I can't see him meeting his full two-year term. I mean someone has to pay for their crimes at one point.

6. Hampton West said...

For a moment every opossum and other four-legged wild critter in the Village breathed a sigh of relief....

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