The Price is Right...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Price is Right...

...this Friday night at the Performing Arts Center.

The act is classic rock cover band Square Feeet and they're doing it "for the community."

Authentic Brown and Williamson-issued Raleigh Coupon, circa 1946.

No, they're not some kids from Coram in a garage band... they're group of aging real estate industry exec­u­tives where grey hair is more the order of the day than tats.

It's Free! and you don't even need to expend any of your carefully hoarded cache of collectible Raleigh coupons.


1. Barry Stein said...

Great band!
My wife and I follow them all over NYC. The base guitarist is especially awesome. Worth paying for... a free concert is a no brainer!

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