Name that Official!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Name that Official!

Updated 08/15/2008 - 2:32 pm

From "A Hamptons Shabbos To Remember," posted today at

"Some final words about the vibrant kehillah built by Rabbi Schneier. Back in 1990, a municipal official flatly stated that 'there never was a synagogue and there never will be a synagogue in Westhampton Beach,' and a local court promptly issued an injunction against Rabbi Schneier’s minyan. William C. Thompson, Sr., an appellate division judge at the time (and the father of current New York City Com­ptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.), vacated the injunction and ordered the village to allow the minyan. (Rabbi Schneier was sup­ported by then-New York City Mayor David Dinkins and then-Gov. Mario Cuomo.)"

Source please? What "municipal official?" Name and circumstances.

It is this type of inflammatory, revisionist crud... for lack of a better word which would keep OtBB from receiving an R-rating... which has contributed to the community's enmity toward Rabbi Schneier and by extension, the eruv.

The author, Daniel Retter, bills himself as an attorney associated with Herrick, Feinstein LLP of New York City.


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1. Hampton West said...

I'm willing to bet there will not be a name forth coming as the event never happened; It's part of the myth that has built up over the years.

Was there ever an injunction about the synagogue or is this a spin on Mill Road?

I have the name; according to colloquy with Rabbi Schneier after the WEEEF (Wednesday evening eruv eductional fiasco) that official was former building inspector Ed Kowalski, (My response: "O, you mean 'the dead guy?'" My dubiety remains palpable.)

This will be addressed at length shortly, including the so-called "injunction."

2. Hampton West said...

Dead men don't talk!

Perhaps we can hold a seance and contact him. Ouija Board maybe?


I find the Rabbi's assertion on this less than credible... Building Inspector Kowalsi wasn't involved in the matter as those parts of Village Government were not stuctured then as they are now.

I suspect that attorney/author Retter is merely repeating something he "heard," especially as I can find no record of any sort of an "injunction" issued by a "local court."

3. Morris Tuchman said...

August 25, 1992 The New York Times.

Thank you, Sir... I'm on it.

Please note that all the information all came from Rabbi Marc Schneier, not from any official records.

But I'm on that, too.

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