So long, Norma...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So long, Norma...

Norma Reynolds (1934-2008) has passed away, suddenly, early this morning.

Controversial, as tough a cookie as ever sold a piece of property, she changed the face of brokering real estate in the area for all time.


1. William Rodney said...

Spelling error? The Deanster? "Cindy" must have really ruffled your feathers.

That's it? Nothing witty or even cogent? Watch yourself or I'll pass your E-dress on to "Cindy" and life as you've come to know it will be over. Kidney stones will seem like a blessed relief.

2. Bob Barta said...

Norma and her family were neighbors of mine in Remsenburg years ago. Her toughness rose from wanting to support her family to the utmost. Her kids Ed, Greg & Vicky were all really fine people in my book. I'm sad to hear of Norma's passing, but her name brings back great memories of my days in the old neighborhood.

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

There are four children: Melanie, Eddie, Greg and Vicky. They had a wonderful mother. She was a strong woman and as Bob says, she had to be tough to support her family. too. Her loss is devastating.

4. Melanie Reynolds said...

In doing some research for one of my current projects, I came across this kind mention in regard to my mother's death in 2008. Initially, because of the lapse of time, my first reaction was not to post anything. However, in seeing that there had been no acknowledgement of gratitude from Edward, Gregory or Victoria Reynolds, please accept "Apologies" for this [very] belated but [very] appreciated, "Thank-You", Dean, on behalf of myself & the Family of Norma Reynolds.

I would like to extend my personal gratitude to Bertha, for being accurate and considerate.

And, my thoughts about Bob Barta's comment? [shrug] Norma never liked you either. smiley

Most Sincerely, Melanie Reynolds

Hi, Melanie... nice to hear from you after all these years! And I don't mean three, but 40!

Unless you and Mr. Barta have some contentious history, I don't think his comments were meant unkindly.

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