Cindy at the Synagogue

Friday, August 08, 2008

Cindy at the Synagogue

Updated 08/11/2008 - 11:03 pm

There seems to be some large discrepancies between what has been reported by The Press Group's Jessica DiNapoli, Long Island Jewish World's David Gertler and Cynthia DiLonardo.

And if Ms. DiLonardo has any credibility at all, reporters DiNapoli and Gertler, not to mention Newsday's Mitch Friedman, all missed a major story while covering Governor David Paterson's address at Hampton Synagogue last Saturday!

(I wasn't there to witness what did or did not happen, having elected to "get outta Dodge" as there was "a new Sheriff in town!" and just missing whatever con­frontation there might have been.)

On August 4th Ms. DiLonardo commented to OtBB, in part:

"I was VERBALLY ATTACKED by 2 members of the synagogue, who with there finger in my face screamed at me that the eruv was a done deal, and they were going to shove it down the throats of the residents.I was appalled at not only what they had said, but that a man would have the nerve to speak to a woman that way."

(It gets worse if any have the patience to wade through her disjointed narrative, the most positive aspect of which is that she did not refer to herself as a "lady¹.")

In the report filed Sunday even­ing, reference was made to some acrimony between Ms. DiLonardo and some members of the congregation², but no mention was made of any rancor on the part of Rabbi Marc Schneier, nor of the police being called, which fact was subsequently confirmed.

During this week, the Comments, some so over-the-line that the Web Editor was compelled to delete them, con­tinued to build until the angry voices of the two camps grew to all but drown out any which attempted reason and light.

One of the charges leveled at Ms. DiLonardo was her garb at the Synagogue function:

"If you are coming to a house of worship to hear the gov speak did anyone tell you that out of respect you should dress appro­priately not in tennis whites with your underwear sticking out."

Well, yes, there is that... anyone who has observed the "dressy" appearance of those attending Shabbat would know that athletic apparel isn't gonna cut it, exposed underwear or not!

But then after realizing that Cynthia DiLonardo was the former Cindy Irvin, it occurred to me that I've never seen her in anything other than a short white tennis skirt and white polo shirt in the past 25-30 years!

The increasingly contentious exchanges be­tween the largely pseudonymous commenters at continued all week 'til finally Ms. DiLonardo posted:

"i have written 3 times on this blog now about what the Rabbi did to me at the synagogue on saturday."

(Ye G-wds and tiny Mazuzahs, woman! You make it sound like he groped you!)

"Apparently whoever has control over what goes on this blog, doesn't want it on here for everyone to read what happened. Why do you keep removing it, You are obviously trying to protect the rabbi. another exam­ple of only letting people read what you want them to. Shame on you, the story of what the rabbi did to me is already out there, you can try to cover it up all you want, but people know. cynthia"

Well, it being an Orthodox Synagogue, there's no videotape to refer to, so OtBB launched its own inquiry into the matter to discover what it was that the pros, DiNapoli, Friedman and Gertler, declined to report.

Fortunately, there was a reasonably well-trained observer present who spoke on con­dition of anonymity:

"Cynthia has posted on that members of the Synagogue said that they were going to stuff the eruv down her throat. I saw one such instance where someone echoed her own words back at her, who was hurriedly quieted by other members of the Synagogue. This didn't stop her from turning to her much more soft-spoken friend (Ms. Sprotte?) with a gleam in her eye and saying, 'Did you hear what he just said? He said they're going to stuff it down our throats!'"

Did the Rabbi "do" something to her? Not even Jacqueline Sprotte in her posts to the Website even hinted at anything aberrant or untoward.

And given that the Rabbi was able to re­frain from ordering that one of his most persistent critics be given the ol' heave-ho, it seems un­likely that he'd lose his cool in such a public venue... even with "home field advantage."

On the other hand, her own words here and on, as well as the empirical evidence of the two (at last count) police reports, tend to undermine Cynthia DiLonardo's credibility.


¹.- Not so in her second August 4th Comment in which she states: "i conducted myself like a lady." Who could have been her role model?

².- One first-hand observer, a member of the Synagogue, privately acknowledged that the referenced "South African," Lewis Ziegler, had acted in a confrontational and provoca­tive manner with Ms. DiLonardo.

³.- The original addendum here erroneously stated that Ms. DiLonardo's late father George Irvin was Jewish. OtBB regrets the error.


1. Cynthia DiLonardo said...

Mr. spiers how dare you desecrate my fathers name, he passed away 4 months ago and you dare to go on your pathetic one sided websitenad write about MY FATHER.And refer to him as a jew. He was never a jew, he was a catholic who went to church everyday. Not that I need to explain myself to you. You son of a *****. I will give you 1 hour to retract what you said, you piece of filth. PS you loser, don;'t destort the facts, the rabbi said exactly what I wrote, don't try to make me look like the bad guy. oh by the way you moron my name is not cindy...CYNTHIA DILONARDO

An error was made, the correction was immediate and more prominent than the original misstatement. Again I regret the distress you have clearly experienced.

Not for nuthin', but around The Patio 30 years ago I knew you as "Cindy."
– Dean

2. Pepper Mintz said...

Wow...guess you got your whippin' Mr. Spiers!

As I should have... it was an egregious error of both verifiable fact and OtBB policy. I shall wear sackcloth and ashes 'til the end of the day.
– Dean

3. Frank Wheeler said...

Well, look who screwed the pooch!

The "piling on" continues!

Yup!, I dood it and I've owned it.

The Rabbi and I will be starting a course in Humility with Donald Trump later this month.
– Dean

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