August Village Board Meeting

Thursday, August 07, 2008

August Village Board Meeting

Updated 08/09/2008 - 10:07 am

Nothing much happened this evening at the Trustees monthly meeting.

Dep'ty Mayor Jim Kametler was among los desaparecidos, and that's not a bad thing.

Barbara Ramsay, soon-to-be-late of the Plan­ning Board, was formally acknowledged for her nine years of service to the Village.

A whole slew of life guards from the beaches of both Rogers and Quantuck were recognized for their life-saving services last month.

Members of the Department of Public Works were formally commended by Mayor Conrad Teller for doing their jobs well... in reality it seemed more like "on general principle."

In the Public Discussion portion, Lawrence "Chip" Porter made his annual, unfocused plea for the everyone in the Village to get along better. Included were some laudatory¹ com­ments about Hampton Synagogue Rabbi Marc Schneier.

The meeting concluded with a trio of residents of Westhampton Beach's Bridle Path area making a ernest plea for the Village's assistance in asking the Southampton Town Planning Board to revisit the environmental impact of an adjacent sub-division which encompasses the headwaters of Aspatuck Creek.

Everyone was very well-behaved so Trustee Toni-Jo Birk was not asked if blondes really do have more fun.


¹.- Apparently not. See Mr. Porter's Comment.


1. Chip Porter said...

"Unfocused plea" from you is a positive, Dean!!! For the record:

  1. As recently as 16 years ago, none of the songs at Westhampton Beach Elementary year-end holiday concert for the Seniors were "inclusive." Other religions occurring the same time of year were not represented.
  2. People who criticize our Village Board meetings and voice opinions without attending (or voting in our Village) is the same as giving an opinion on a restaurant without ever trying it.
  3. Anti-Semitism is still very apparent in our community, though it's across the board gays, blacks, Dominicans, Jews and any other in a minority.
  4. The volume of observant Jews attending the Sunset and Brook Road house of worship is just like Rogers Beach parking lot on July 4th and Labor Day...packed! There's no problem finding a parking spot other weekends.
Finally Dean, sorry I can’t deliver a more titillating dialogue for you to add to your blog. I can tell everyone when I commissioned the menorah for our Village Green there was not one complaining Letter to the Editor, no mention at any Village Board meeting, no fear that this was a step toward "divide and conquer!"

With regard to the Eruv… it should never have gotten the natives this upset; I can only blame the highly-paid rabbi who uses our Village for his own monetary and professional motivation.
Whew, Chip! Yeah, I guess you have "let it all hang out." I wouldn't worry about "titillating." Your use of the word "natives" can best be described as provocative!

I clearly misunderstood the sub-text of your extempore remarks before the Village Board this week. Your Parthian shot above should clarify your personal feelings.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

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