A risk of the True/False format

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A risk of the True/False format

Updated 08/07/2008 - 4.51 pm

Today's Southampton Press Western Edition (the "all eruv issue") has on A15, a quarter page of space sponsored by Synagogue Pres­ident Morris Tuchman:

"Take The Eruv True/False Test"

One of the questions posed by the "Test," which comes with it's own "crib sheet," asks:

"Cars can be driven within the ERUV on Saturday"

...and the supplied answer is "True."

Aw, jeez!

While I think I know what Mr. Tuchman was attempting to address here, the lack of clarity in the single word response opens up another question, one which has personally bugged the bejabbers outta me since 1993 when Rabbi Marc Schneier stood before the assembled Westhampton Beach boards and went to great lengths to establish, with a straight face, that there would be no parking dimension to the Synagogue's application because... wait for it... Orthodox congregants don't drive on the Sabbath.

(Unexplained has been the abundance of BMWs, Mercedes and Jags thronging the area during Shabbat and on Holy Days since the Synagogue opened its doors two years later.)

So, Moish... if I may be so bold... were you amplifying the point that the creation of an eruv would not have any effect on anyone driving through the designated zone?

Or were you introducing new information, that an eruv would allow Orthodox Jews to drive to Shabbat as well as "push and carry?"

Mr. Tuchman has been a regular Commenter to OtBB of late, so confidence is high that a clari­fication will be forthcoming.

In related news...

The unprecedented volume of Comments responding to Jessica DiNapoli's 27East.com report of Governor Paterson's address before the Hampton Synagogue, grew so vitriolic that Press Publisher Joe Louchheim felt compelled to step in... a first for Joe, I believe... and issue a stern admonishment:

"Please try to keep your comments on topic and refrain from personal attacks. If those leaving comments cannot remain civil then we'll have no choice but to disable any further commenting on this story."

And that was before some bigot with a mo­dem, identifying himself as "Charles (West­hampton Beach)" delivered a vile, expletive-laden screed at 1:15 am today.

It's since been removed, but it is, I fear, in­dicative of the worst of this Village that is boiling to the surface.

Add to that the quotes in the August 8-14 edition of Long Island Jewish World from one Cynthia DiLonardo of Oneck Lane who, like Hera from Zeus' brow, sprang full born last Saturday in the aftermath of Governor Pater­son's appearance.

"'Now the governor is shoving the eruv down our throats.' DiLonardo added that if the eruv is erected she will consistently cut the wire. She also declared her intention to make sure the eruv is not installed, saying: 'We'll run you [the Orthodox Jews] out of town!'"


With rhetoric like than and her comments to 27East.com and OtBB, in less than a week Ms. DiLonardo has effortlessly wrested the "Queen of the Hatemongers" title away from Quiogue Nutburger Irene Barrett.

Ms. DiLonardo has exhibited such wretched self-control that she has already generated two requests for Police assistance to have her es­corted from others' premises, most recently from The Press' Mitchell Road offices this afternoon.


1. Morris Tuchman said...

Merely amplfying, not introducing.

Thank you for straightening that out.

One of these days I may post the certified minutes of the June 14, 1992 "multi-Board" where we can revisit some of the assertions made by the Rabbi, one of the Synagogue's "architect of record," Henry Kibel, and others on behalf of the Synagogue. (Psssst!, Moish, that's a heads-up so that OtBB isn't accused with "gotcha journalism."
– Dean

2. William Rodney said...

Did you hear the one about the two bumble bees flying over Israel wearing yarmulkes? One bee asked the other bee why the need for headgear - he responded that he didn't want anyone there to think they were wasps.


I'm not sure whether you've just lightened the discourse, or trashed it.

3. Paul Haines said...

some years ago the then mayor of whb asked me at a rotary lunch why an orthodox shul did not need alot of parking. i told him that they could not drive to services. i also said that property values would increase three or four fold and that their cars would be parked all over the village. all good things. my friend general avi kahalani has refused to teach his grandchildren to swim. his reason is simple. when the enemy comes to push the israelis into the sea they will fight harder because they can't swim. now the enemy has shown themselves here in whb. why do they think they have a shot at winning this battle?

I don't mind a certain amount of inscrutability, Paul, but wanna buy a capital letter?

4. David said...

You have hit on something more poignant than you probably know. Officially speaking, the laws of "Shabba"t under the Conservative Jewish movement require use of an "eruv" to carry (just like in the Orthodox). Conservative Judaism permits driving (originally just to get to and from synagogue). Ergo, one who strictly adheres to Conservative Judaism would be permitted to drive within an "eruv".

A HA! Wait'll the Christian Citizen's Council learns of this!

5. Paul Haines said...

How Much?

May you never miss the Orient Point Ferry as badly as you missed the point.

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