An Alternative Approach...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Alternative Approach...

Updated 08/06/2008 - 11:22 am

A new initiative by the anti-eruv activists was delivered to Hampton Synagogue's Rabbi Marc Schneier Tuesday in the form of a letter and a petition "on behalf of 300+ Westhampton Beach residents."

(The same petition was delivered to Village Hall last Friday.)

Bearing the signature of Mark Williams¹, an at­torney residing in Westhampton Land­ings, the essence of the message is an insistence that the August 13th informational meeting regard­ing the eruv be held at a "neutral location."

"We are prepared to participate in the August 13 'Eruv Educational Meeting" you have announced, but must insist that it be held at a neutral location (we believe the high school auditorium would be appro­pri­ate, and are reserving it for that evening). A principal reason for our position is that, if the situation was reversed, it would not be fair for us to ask you and your congre­gants to attend a meeting of this kind at a Christian church.

(In response to a direct question, Mr. Williams asserted that the "300+ Westhampton Beach residents" were in fact bona fide residents of the Village.)

The letter goes on to ask for details about the proposed meeting... format?, moderators?, questions from the audience?... and aside from the sheer effrontery of bracing the Rabbi in this manner, it is respectful in tone and not in any manner antagonistic.

Sources close to the Synagogue have said that the letter caught the Rabbi unaware, and "in­furiated" him.

(So too with Mayor Conrad Teller's inartful statement to The Press last week sug­gesting that the Rabbi have "a private meeting with a few members of the Vil­lage Board to evaluate the Synagogue's progress in educating the public." Never mind that such a meeting would violate the law!)

The basic argument of the collective for whom Mr. Williams speaks is that the Village Board² lacks the statutory authority to grant such a request, a point touched on in The Press' current Letters page by Bruce McAllister.

A "Summary of Comments" will be made available as soon as they are received in a cut'n'paste format.

(See also Jessica DiNapoli's interview with the Rabbi.)

And under the theory of "the more the mer­rier," it has been learned that Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot took leave of her senses last month and formally asked the East End Anti-Bias Task Force to monitor the eruv issue.

Well, now that Governor David Paterson has proclaimed the eruv is a civil right and the East End Anti-Bias Task Force is on the case, can Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Lucius Ware be far behind?


¹.- Asked about his relationship to the formerly-named "West­hampton Beach Alliance," Mr. Williams stated that while he was not part of the original ad hoc group, many of the Alli­ance were part of the present effort.

².- Curiously referred to throughout his letter as "the Village Council."


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Show me the signatures and addresses! I don't believe there are 300 plus people from the Village of WHB who'd have the chutzpah (Hebrew for cajones) to sign it.

Nothing surprises me anymore... remember, almost 220 legitimate voters re-elected a Cementhead to the Village board.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Speaking of cementheads, will Kammetler's election be challenged, or do we have to rollover and expose our bellies to his illegal election for two more years?

This eruv broo-ha-ha may very well be fallout from a community that has lost control of its destiny. Timing IS everything!

"His illegal election?!?" "Less-than-legitimate," perhaps, but hardly "illegal" unless the Suffolk County DA's Investigative Unit finds compelling enough evidence that would allow New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to removed him from office.

The DA's guys moved deliberately and methodically from what I am told.

3. Concerned said...

Will those 300 people speak out about the lack of manpower in the Police Department, or the the possible voter fraud in the last election, or the fact that one sitting on the board shot a weapon in a residental area, and then has been questioned of running an illegal business, breaking Village law as well as tax laws? Seems to me Teller and company caused this mess by sitting on the fence, flip-flopping! Will these 300 people wake up and realize the eruv will be, either by a yes vote or a law suit!

Once again Teller brings our tax money to court! Wake up and take your energy to fight for what directly effects everyone!

4. Jon Zim said...

I do not believe that it is lawfull{sic} to use a public school building for a political event.

While that would be a major bummer for those "300+ Westhampton Beach residents," do you really believe that the re-formed "Alliance" is that inept?

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