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Friday, July 25, 2008

Coming Soon... a Synagogue near us.

New York Governor David Paterson

Sources state that it's to happen on Saturday, August 2nd at ll:00 am.

Organizers of the Mary O' Fritchie Outdoor Art Show should not take it personally.

(If John Paul I was "The Smiling Pope," David Paterson seems a prime candidate for "The Smiling Governor.")

Any relationship between the Governor's ap­pearance and the long-awaited meetings dur­ing which Rabbi Marc Schneier has pledged "to extend the hands of friendship across the faiths and educate all segments of the West­hampton Beach community to precisely what the eruv is, and what it is not," is probably coincidental.

A source close to the Synagogue has said that the initial informational meeting will be held at the Synagogue on a Wednesday evening in mid-August.


1. William Rodney said...

...Patterson is of no consequence. Nothing will happen of importance in the State until he leaves office. I'm counting the days.

This isn't about Paterson, you dolt! It's about the Rabbi re-establishing his personal "mojo."
– Dean

2. Frank Wheeler said...

You seem, using one of your words, "dubious," even cynical, about the Governor's visit.

Nothing dubious about it, but certainly cynical.

I have no idea of what the Governor might bring to the Rabbi's eruv educational effort, but I recall the events of 17 years ago when the Fire Marshal told the Synagogue that the little frame house on Mill Road wasn't suitable for a "place of public assembly," and the Rabbi's immediate response was to have the Mayor of New York City and the Suffolk County Executive place personal "What the hell are you doing out there?!?" calls to Mayor Arma Andon to let everyone know he had some political juice. (A lesser man than Mr. Andon, then in his 70s, would have had health problems from the pressure brought to bear on the issue.)

It's always amused me to imagine how the "Ham" Andon I knew as a teenager would have handled such calls: "Things going so well in NYC you got time to call me with this crap, Dinkins?" and "Butt out, Halpin!"

It's nice that Governor Paterson plans a visit to Westhampton Beach... but I have little doubt as to the real purpose: it's a little reminder to everyone of who Marc Schneier has on speed-dial.

3. Matlynn Carville said...

Dean, that is one fugly picture of the Mole Man.

Nice! Very classy!
– Dean

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