What a Knucklehead!

Monday, June 30, 2008

What a Knucklehead!

Dep'ty Mayor James Kametler, that's who!

In reporting on the recent... and still unde­cided... Village election in the June 27th Long Island Jewish World, David Gertler notes:

"(John) Roland was suspiciously¹ absent from the vicinity of the village hall during the election."


"Kametler agreed that had Roland been on the scene campaigning, 'It could have gone the other way.'"


And if Mayor Conrad Teller on whose coat tail Mr. Kametler ran, called the police to complain that I, a non-candidate, "was possibly violating the boundaries of the campaign lines," he might have tried to have Mr. Roland shot if the candidate had come to Six Corners as well.


¹.- It's unclear what Mr. Gertler found "suspicious" about Mr. Roland's absence; perhaps, crack reporter that he is, Mr. Gertler had developed information about a matinée the candidate was enjoying with someone else's wife.


1. vel said...

I suspect they meant "campaign" rather than "election," and the implication was that John Roland was out of the area during the campaign.

2. John Roland said...

I appreciate your levity Dean, but the only affair I have had, and continue to have, is with this Village. My wife and I love this place. I knocked on as many doors as I could, but obviously not enough.
My hope is, in the future, we make sure that Village officials are elected only by Village residents. We don't need people from neighboring towns telling us what to do.

3. New Jerseyan said...

Okay, Mr. Roland, how about people from places further away? Like New Jersey?

I dunno... how 'bout'em?

If you think you know something, out with it! Don't be so oblique!

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