June Planning Board Work Session

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June Planning Board Work Session

Updated 08/19/2008 - 12:45 pm

Thursday's Planning Board meeting, Ralph Neubauer Chairman, was of interest on several counts, not the least of which was that, al­though the item has been on the calender for the past four years by this count, the Hampton Synagogue, Kelly and Hulme, PC, James N. Hulme appearing for the applicant, was there.

Yes, the temple is finally ready to move for­ward with its proposal to convert their single family Rabbi's dwelling...

"...to offices for the Synagogue on the second floor and a meeting hall on the first floor, which will provide kosher catering of private events, which are part of services or events sponsored by the Synagogue."

In fairness, while the Synagogue initially was dragging its feet on this application, subse­quent delays were due to Health Department requirements.

But now that they were before the Planning Board for Site Plan approval, some dormant annoyances were going to be addressed, starting with a prominently seen dumpster which had been no where in evidence on the initial Site Plan, and the "parking situation."

The more delving into the 154 Sunset Avenue files, the more it became apparent that certain conditions had been attached to the Syna­gogue's approvals 14-15 years ago... and were not being adhered to.

(Bad Rabbi Schneier! Bad! Bad! Bad! You're going to need to be firmer with your less "observant" congregants who insist on driving on the Sabbath, about where they should park for services. You might want to try to acquire that vacant parcel on the NorthWest corner of Mill and Sunset for Synagogue parking.)

A note of hilarity was struck by Ed Kuroz, a real estate broker with a listing for a Woodland Avenue property adjoining the Synagogue. The temple seems to be using a new wireless mic­rophone¹ system for certain functions, and it causes every transistor-based electronic device on the upper end of Wood­land to start buzzing and humming something that sounds suspic­iously like Hava Nagila.

(A savvy real estate pro could make the ability to dance the Horah or Kazanka in the kitchen accompanied by the toaster oven into a strong selling point.)

Mr. Hulme asserted that he would look into the matter.

There was a certain melancholy to the after­noon for those who realized that it was former Chairman Vic Levy's final meeting as a mem­ber of the Planning Board.

Mr. Levy, whose term expired on May 31st, almost certainly will not be re-appointed by the troika of darkness who control the current administration. The Village Board's annual organizational meeting is July 7th, and it is anticipated that an Oak Street neighbor of the rapidly imploding Deputy Mayor will be named to replace Victor. His biggest "crime" was that he gently led Trustee Joan Levan into ad­mit­ting she lied about not voting on her own property assessment reduction last year, and one gives offense to the Empress of Oneck at one's peril.

The Village will have lost one of its most ex­perienced and level-headed troves of institu­tional knowledge, and any who go along with this plan should be ashamed!


¹.- Likely the transistorized, Israeli-made, Zomet microphone that doesn't violate Jewish law.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

TWO minutes is all you need to listen to Vic Levy discuss ANY municipal issue. The guy is so smart, so level-headed, and with so much experience that if he is let go, Villagers should picket Six Corners. Appropriately outfitted with, what are those flaming Frankenstein torches called, Dean? Politics be damned. Letting Vic Levy go would be a classic case of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
YOUR firing a year ago was a classic case of pure spite.

Burning fagots... as opposed to the double-g spelling which is a homo-phobic slur.

But you should know that there's nothing "pure" about this administration.
– Dean

2. Angel Face 13 said...

"Stupid is as Stupid does."

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

Where is this Rabbi's dwelling? Surely you don't mean the two-story building on the property with the Synagogue. Doesn't the Rabbi dwell in a house on Stevens Lane West of the bridge? Surely they won't get an approval from the Village to put offices in that house next door to Bea Goode. Say it isn't so.

Yup, that's the one! But I don't know where the Rabbi presently resides.

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